55+ Club… On the Hill…

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. The 55+ Club is for those on the hill… not over the hill! They meet at Smuggs on Wednesdays to socialize and SKI! The Club’s current President Liam Kearney sent me this photo and a poem he composed with an AI-generated program (no kidding). The poem is below the photo.

55+ Club members on top of Madonna Mountain and ready to rumble!
Club President Liam Kearney is on the right.

‘Twas the season for skiing, and all through the land,

The skiers did flock to the snowy expanse.

The slopes were all groomed and the weather was grand,

As the old ones set out for their winter romance.

Beware the old skier, my son,

The one who’s been skiing for many a year.

He’ll glide and he’ll twirl and he’ll have lots of fun,

Despite his advanced age and the wrinkles so clear.

He’ll dance on the snow, he’ll cavort and he’ll play,

He’ll laugh and he’ll sing as he skis through the day.

He’ll brave the steep slopes and the icy cold fray,

And he’ll do it all with a grin and a “hooray!”

So beware the old skier, all you young whippersnappers,

He may be old, but he’s still got his zappers.

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