Snow-eating Grins

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Valentine’s Day brought some sweet powder and warm temps. 4 inches of new snow fell on top of Madonna Mountain overnight and temps were between 25-30 degrees. Seth “Carv-ison” and I met at the Base Lodge to take runs on Madonna and Sterling. I was able to introduce him to Highlander Glades, Poachers Woods, Upper Pipeline, and Gary B’s – trails he’d never been on. We ran into Nick from Smuggs TV and took the classic Upper FIS to Lower Doc’s run. What a day to play in the powder! Plenty o’ snow and plenty o’ grins!

Snow-eating grin on Seth on his behind on Upper FIS.
Happy Valentine’s Day from Reservations aka Reso (like Lizzo, but different). L to R: Janet, Heidi, Luz, Maria, and Kristy.
Smuggs TV Cameraman and Producer Nick on Upper FIS.
Upright Seth on Upper FIS.
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Hugh Johnson

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