Sunshine and Spring Snow

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. The increasing cloud forecast was not quite accurate for the middle of the day. It was blue skies, sun, and spring snow. Met up with friend and fellow Activities staffer Seth “Carv-ison” Crevison to take some runs. Our first trail pick was Shuttle because it was groomed. We got there via Lower Catwalk. It was a bit of work considering the “grabby” surfaces. The word of the day was “wax.” Anywho, we had fun and a nice lunch on the Black Bear patio. Tomorrow, we should have 70+ trails open, and the forecast is showers and breezy with highs near 50 degrees fahrenheit. Wear the appropriate gear. Ski U soon.

Seth carves it up on Catwalk.
Taking a break at the Crossroads.
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Rockin' Ron

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