Smuggs Family



Colm and I on the Village Lift

I would like you to meet another member of the Smuggs Family. This is Colm who is a graduate student from MIT and is from Ireland. He told me that he had never skied before attending MIT. He learned to ski through MIT’s ski outings. He has now been on 5 different ski trips and skiing has become his favorite sport. Colm told me that he enjoys skiing so much that he wished that he had learned at an earlier age. He said that he hopes to have children one day and he is really looking forward to introducing them to skiing. Colm went on to add that he really likes Smuggs and one his favorite things is the surrounding natural beauty. He also said that he loves the variety of trees that are indigenous to this area, which makes for such an amazing array of colored leaves in the fall.



Quality Family Time


tom and ty

Ty and Tom

I would like you to meet a couple more members of the Smuggs family. This is Tom and his son Ty who are from New York. They have been skiing here at Smuggs for years. Tom was telling me that he always hoped his children would enjoy skiing like he does. He went on to say how wonderful it is that Ty is passionate about skiing and is really having fun. It is fantastic it to see this proud father and happy son making memories here at Smuggs



Serious Skiing Skills

Matt M by Alex

Matt McCawley has an appointment with the Doc. Photo by Alex Martin of Smuggs TV.

Rockin’ Ron filling in for Matt who’s been filling in for Hugh. Alex Martin – the videographer/editor/producer at Smuggs TV – was out filming Matt today. The picture, to the right, is from Doc Dempsey’s and is in the video which is now on the Smuggs Facebook page. Not only is Alex an excellent videographer, he has some serious skiing skills. After all, to capture the action and scenery, he has to negotiate the very same terrain as Hugh or Matt. Corey Bergeron from Long Trail Brewing, who’s here as a sponsor of this weekend’s Apres Sport Parties, joined Alex and Matt for a few runs.

Matt is not the only member of his family to work at the Resort. His mom Judy worked for Mtn Ops, his sister Lizzy was a popular Summer Camp counselor for the Sound & Stage program, and his dad “Squatch” was a ski instructor and a character, and is a Smuggs legend! The McCawleys have helped put the family in America’s Family Resort.

I bet you’re wondering how my day was. OK, I’ll tell you. It’s Friday so I had to get in my Locals Race runs on Practice Slope. I rode the T-Bar with my co-worker Raeden Zavis. She asked me when Hugh was coming back because Hugh is on her race team. She told me to call him out on the Blog for missing two weeks of races. I saw that the Groomers were literally in the Zone – “The Zone” Terrain Park that is – getting ready for tomorrow’s Molly Rowlee Rail Jam.  Around lunchtime, I stopped into Green Peppers for some Veggie Chili – I was gassing up for my next run. While there I ran into a guest I’ve known for many years – Adolph from Atlanta. He suggested we ski the glades next to Bootleggers. That was a great trail pick that we followed up with a run through Poachers Woods. How was your day?


Extreme Skiing Challenge


extreme.JPG blogThe Smugglers’ Notch Extreme Skiing Challenge was just amazing today! It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a great turn out. This year’s competition had more age brackets with 10 and under, 11 to 13, 14 to 18, 19 to 44, and 45 plus. Pictured here is Pete Kochalka competing in the 45 plus category and ripping it up! There’s a reason why they call it the Extreme Skiing Challenge and Upper Madonna Liftline has some of the gnarliest lift serviced terrain in the east! This is a fantastic event that really showcases what Smuggs has to offer. Smuggs is of course known as “America’s Family Resort” and people think of Mogul Mouse, Billy Bob Bear’s Cave, the World Famous Cookie Race, Sir Henry’s Learning and Fun Park, the Burton Riglet Park, Log Jam Terrain Park, Father Winter’s Tee Pee, and many more things found on Morse Mountain. One of the great things about Smuggs is the diversity of terrain that we have on our 3 mountains. If you enjoy long groomed intermediate cruisers with awesome views we have that. If you are an expert who enjoys steeps, glades, and moguls we have that also. This event highlights the Headwall’s toughness with its double fall line, steep pitch, rocks, and changing conditions.

A huge thank you goes out to the people who made this event happen. The driving force has been the members of the Smugglers’ Notch Ski and Snowboard Club, the SNSC Freeski Team, Andrew Snow, Matteo Campbell, and Bryan Salatino. The Smuggles’ Notch Ski Patrol also worked hard with side stepping the trail days before the event, prepping the Upper Madonna Liftline and most important was their presence at the competition.