Sir Henry treats beginners like Royalty

sir-henrysRockin’ Ron for Hugh. Sir Henry’s Learning Hill is where beginning skiers and riders of all ages start their Snow Sport Journey. Sir Henry’s Glider Lift is a gentle way to access the gentle slope of the hill. Of course, our SSU Instructors share their passion and experience during each lesson. We want all who try these sports to be comfortable and confident, so they have fun and want to come back again and again.

Speaking of coming back again and again, I was talking to a guest named Don Lee. Don first came to Smuggs on a College Trip when he was at U Conn. He liked it here so much, he said it was the only place he wanted to bring his family to learn how to ski, and lo these many years later, here they are. Hey Don, like the Hornes and the Bowersox and all the returning families, we’re glad you came back!


The Mitey Mites


“The Knuckleheads”


View of Smuggs at 6AM this morning

Today I got to spend the 6th Sunday this season with my Mitey Mites group, known as “The Knuckleheads.” This group of chargers has been so much fun to ski with, we might not be pretty, but we can make it down anything. I have taken a unique approach with this group, instead of bombarding them with drills to perfect turns, I have been pushing mountain awareness. (note: I do teach skills too) The goal with this is to develop all of these local kids into lifelong skiers, who have a passion for the sport, and can conduct themselves in an appropriate manner on the hill. We have looked into such topics as weather, equipment, conditions, safety, and group or team camaraderie. I have enforced these ideals through homework assignments like knowing the weather, equipment upkeep, knowing the responsibility code, and watching ski videos. For a final project I am having each student lead the group down the entire mountain for 1 run, and in doing so they will have to make an appropriate trail choice, manage the group, and know where they are going. This might not sound like the toughest task, but for a child to be responsible for 8 others at one time, really will be nothing short of a miracle, but I have faith. I’m really excited for our last two weeks, to see where these “knuckleheads” drag me. To the right you can see six of the members of our group at the top of F.I.S.  Normally there are three more, but because of the school break we have a few members on vacation, to places such as Colorado, California, and British Columbia.

I also grabbed this picture on my way to the mountain to do the morning report. Pink sky in the morning, skiers and riders aren’t taking warning, we are getting our gear ready because snow is in the forecast!

Tomorrow look for 77 trails to be open, accessed by 6 lifts. Snow should be falling out of the sky with accumulations adding up to around 5″. Temps again should be in the 20s, but probably will be dropping during the day. 36 trails will be groomed, or around 175 acres total.

-Matt McCawley


Very Merry Larry & Merry Mamaroneck

Very Merry Larry    Zach

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I started off my ski day on Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift, where Legendary Lift Man, Larry Burnor likes to keep it merry – that’s how he rolls. Here he’s pictured brushing the snow off the chairs. Darn, if he’s not thoughtful too.

Later on I met up with my friends Jeff, Matt, Zach, and Andrew from Mamaroneck, NY. I’ve known J, M, and Z since they first came to the Resort 10 years ago. Zach was just a toddler when I first met him, now he’s almost a teenager and totally into snowboarding. Yesterday, he took lessons from SSU’s George Zavis and he graduated from Sir Henry’s to Lower Morse Liftline. He was linkin’ turns and lovin’ life (see photo above). As Jeff and I were getting on the Village Lift, I spotted another long time Smuggs Guest, Rob and his daughter Emily. It turns out that Rob and Jeff met each other at the Resort – Rob was born in Mamaroneck. It’s a Smuggs World after all.

Have a MERRY!


Tutu Tuesdays are too much to believe


Mar 4, 2014 TutuRockin’ Ron for Hugh. Snow Sport University Instructors Larry and Chad, as well as their campers, are dress-ed for success. When they ski down the Mountain, they skirt all obstacles. People have kilt to get a picture of them. Thanks to Shay for risking life and limb to get me this one.