Magic Learning Trail



Snow Sport University Instructor Kyle Ebbett with his student

The weather was a little crazy today with warmer temperatures and rain this morning. The temperatures fell throughout the day and the rain became snow. We received a dusting to an inch of accumulation this afternoon. Tonight’s forecast is clearing skies with temperatures between  -8 and +2 degrees. Our snowmakers are ready to make snow on Black Snake, Practice Slope, Sir Henry’s Learning Hill, and Lower Morse Liftline tonight. Tomorrow’s forecast is partly to mostly sunny skies with temperatures between 1 and 11 degrees. We have some great snowmaking weather coming in the next few days along with snow in the forecast for Thursday. 19 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s 117 acres of freshly groomed terrain. Tomorrow we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 4 lifts operating and 21 trails open.



Sir Henry’s Learning Hill

sir-henrysSir Henry’s Learning Hill will be open today. The Wonder Carpet is not running today, but we plan to have it running starting tomorrow. We received 2 to 3 inches of new snow overnight and 28 inches in the past 8 days. We are presently making snow on Meadowlark, Lower Morse Liftline, Riglet Park, Sir Henry’s, and the Magic Learning Trail.


Burton Riglet Terrain Park and Cat Trax

burton rigletOur Burton Riglet Terrain Park has moved from the top of the Sir Henry’s Learning Hill to behind the Meeting House.  Our Snowmakers were busy last night on Morse Mountain. They made snow on Dixie’s Knoll, Midway, Sam’s Run, and at the Burton Riglet Terrain Park.  The tree house at the Burton Riglet Park is really cool with ramps to ride down and a ski lift chair to hang out in.  This park is designed for beginner kid snowboarders. Our park crew will now start shaping the different features with the snow our snowmakers produced last night. These features are great teaching tools because the kids can work on their balance, bending their knees to absorb, and much more.  The park should open sometime in the near future. You can check the trail by trail report to find out when it opens.

DSC04833Tonight was our first Cat Trax Tour of the season. We went up Madonna Mountain and it snowed harder the higher we went. I took one photo from the inside of the heated cabin as we were nearing the summit of Madonna Mountain. In the other photo you can see the snow coming down in the lights of the Cat. It was pretty neat seeing the crescent moon over the snow clouds.




Beginner lessons on Sir Henry’s


Snow Sport University Instructor Corbet with one of the new props.

We made snow last night on Smugglers’ Alley and Upper Rumrunner last night. Our groomers made some nice corduroy last night and I was enjoying it this morning. After skiing on Sterling Mountain I headed down to Morse Mountain to check out the props on Sir Henry’s Learning Hill. The new props have different Smuggs characters on them and the kids love it. I was watching a few beginner lessons while at Sir Henry’s Learning Hill. It was great to see these skiers and riders making breakthroughs.



learn to ride

Local ripper Reid

Tomorrow we plan to have 2 lifts operating and 7 trails open. The Birch Run Terrain Park is open with 6 features. The forecast for this weekend is colder temperatures and up to 3 inches of new snow by Saturday night. Our snowmakers will definitely be taking full advantage of the colder temperatures.


180 off

birch runI had a great time today skiing the soft bumps on Smugglers’ Alley.  It’s early in the season and I need to get my ski legs back.  I hung out in the Birch Run Terrain Park for a while to get some photos.  The soft snow made for sweet landings. If you are wondering about 180 off, it means to do a 180 coming off the rail. The snowboarder pictured here is doing just that.  Tomorrow we plan to have 2 lifts operating and 8 trails open. Sir Henry’s Learning Hill is open for beginners. The Birch Run Terrain Park is open with 6 features, including 2 fun boxes and 4 rails.


Snow Sport University

hayleigh terrain parkMy 4 year old daughter Hayleigh took a snowboard lesson with Allison Dawbrowski.  She just had so much fun, especially on the features at the bottom of Sir Henry’s Learning Hill.  I want to thank Mike Chait of SSU for building these features. They are great learning tools. The features really allowed Hayleigh to work on her balance and have a great time. We have 2 lifts operating and 8 trails open. The Birch Run Terrain Park is open with 6 features. 7 out of the 8 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s 31 acres of freshly groomed terrain.


Skiing above the clouds

hugh and cloudsIt was so foggy this morning on my drive to the mountain. I was pleasantly surprised to see beautiful sunny skies when I arrived here at Smuggs. The clouds stayed in the valley all day today. It looked like a sea of clouds and mountain peaks looked like islands.  We have 2 lifts operating the Sterling lift and Sir Henry’s Handle Tow. We have 8 trails open with terrain for all ability levels. The Birch Run Terrain Park is open with 6 features. 7 out of the 8 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s 31 acres of freshly groomed terrain.


Snowmaking around the clock

Nov. 29, 2015 sir henryWe have had some good snowmaking temperatures the past two days. Tonight’s forecast is calling for great snowmaking weather with temperatures in the teens. This photo shows multiple snow guns on Sir Henry’s Learning and Fun Park. We are also making snow on Birch Run, Lower Rumrunner, and Smugglers’ Alley. The Sterling Lift is operating with 4 intermediate trails open. We plan to open more terrain in the near future.


HOOP – there it is

Hoop there it is

The Discovery Course at the Cookie Race on Sir Henry’s on Morse Mountain at Smuggs in Vermont, USA, indeed.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. All week long, vacationing kids make their parents jump through hoops. At the COOKIE RACE its payback time – kids ski through hoops and around gates for their parents pleasure. Thanks to our Wyndham friends, all the kids get a cookie at the finish line. I have a jolly good time announcing the race as my alter-ego Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate. Bruce from smuggsphoto.com is also on hand to take photos of all the racers. The Cookie Race on Sir Henry’s is a long standing Thursday tradition at Smuggs. Elsewhere on Morse Mountain, I was bouncin’ on the bumps of Upper Morse Liftline, navigating the glades of Whitetail Woods and cruisin’ down Garden Path. For intermediates and experts who are on Morse because a family member or friend is a beginner, know that there are blue-squares and black-diamonds on the green-circle side of the Resort. So, you can HOOP it up on Morse!