Smuggs Family Members

The Long family next to the trail map in Parking Lot #1

The Long family was just here at Smuggs for the holidays. They drove back to Pennsylvania and they were not even home for a week before coming back! They said that they saw all the snow and could not stay away!


Smuggs Family Members

I would like to introduce the East family from Oklahoma. This is their first vacation to Smuggs and they are having a wonderful time! I want to wish Isabel the happiest of birthdays because today she turns 12 years old. The East family told me how they found a sticker that says “Ski The East.” I think they should get a sticker and then cut it to say “The East Ski.”

I have to share a quick funny story. I rode the shuttle bus to Parking Lot #1 early today. As I was getting off the bus the driver Bob pointed out the East family to me and he told me that this was their first time at the upper mountains. Bob wanted to make sure the East family knew where they were going. I headed over to the East family and introduced myself. We had a great conversation talking about Smuggs. We talked about all the things that it has to offer not just in the winter, but summer also. I told the East family that I hope they enjoy the rest of their vacation and then skied away. I turned around to get my skis and they were not there. I first thought maybe someone took them, but then I realized that when I got off the bus to talk to the East family that I left my skis on the shuttle bus. I waited for Bob to come back to Parking Lot #1 with my skis. When he got there we had a good laugh about me leaving my skis! We said that my skis did a run without me!


Auld Lang Syne

Lee and Mark from Virginia and their boys are glad they made the trip to the other  ‘V’ state! The wives/mothers stayed at home so this is the “Stinky Boys Tour.”
Siblings Sarah and Zain from Michigan recognized me on the slopes (I’m not sure how). They too are glad they made the trek to Smuggs.

2019 has gone out in fine fashion with fresh snow – 10 inches in the past 2 days!! Many natural snow trails opened today. Moguls were to be found wherever you skied. In the spirit of Auld Lang Syne, it was nice to see some dear friends on the slopes.


Smuggs Family Member

Robin at the top of Midway getting ready to ride to the upper mountains.

Robin Frey is a snowboarder and skier from West Virginia. He is on break from school and is enjoying his time off here at Smuggs. Robin and his family are staying here at Smuggs. This is Robin’s first time vacationing at Smuggs and I bet it won’t be his last. Robin told me that he enjoys terrain parks, so I told him that the Birch Run Terrain Park on Sterling Mountain opened yesterday. This information put a smile on Robin’s face as he headed for the Birch Run Terrain Park.

Today we have skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 6 lifts operating, Sterling Lift, Madonna II Lift, Morse Highlands Lift, Village Lift, Sir Henry’s Wonder Carpet, and Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift. We have 20 trails open with terrain for all ability levels. Surface conditions are machine groomed and variable with average base depths of 12 to 48 inches. The snow is soft and edgeable. All 20 trails have been groomed for today for a grand total of 86 acres of freshly groomed terrain. Currently, it is foggy and 35 degrees at the summit of Sterling with winds of 10 to 20 mph. Today’s forecast is calling for a chance of rain with a high of 42 degrees.


Friends in Snow Places

I’ve got friends in SNOW places, where the trails flow with ski races. It’s always fun to take some runs with my long-time Smuggs friends Andy, Josh, and Seth from Long Island (mom Betty was chillin’ in the condo with a book). They are one of the families that help make us America’s Family Resort. 
Snowmaking near the intersection of Mulcahy’s Link and Upper Chilcoot will help us get Madonna Mountain open from the top… soon. The Snowmakers are also busy on Practice Slope. 


Smuggs Family Members

This is the Freiberg family and they have been coming to Smuggs for the past 28 years! They have come from North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia, and Connecticut to be together for the holidays. It was wonderful to meet you all and I hope you have a fantastic vacation!

The Smuggs Family just got bigger



Nashville is in the house!

Pictured on the far left is Chad Aiken. Chad is the son of Rob Aiken from Smuggs Group Vacations. Chad now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Chad convinced a group of his friends to come to Vermont and see all that Smuggs has to offer. They all seem to be having a wonderful time with the amazing conditions and mild temperatures. It was great to see you again Chad and I hope you all have a blast here at Smuggs!



Go with the Floe

Eireann Steve

Eireann and her dad Steve near the ice flow at the elbow of Upper Drifter.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh.  Wow… the POW! Today I had the privilege of teaching a class of level 4 skiers. When we went in Whitetail Woods, one of the kids said: “there’s too much powder.” Kids say the craziest things.  Then I met my friends Eireann and Steve from the Toronto area, and we got in some great runs. We found freshies in the glades and on all of the other trails for that matter. Afterwards I went to the daily Snow Report meeting with Mike McAdoo and Eli Moore and they said the word of the day was “butter” – as in the snow was as smooth as butter.  However you describe, it was easy to go with the flow.


8 inches in the past 24 hours and 15 inches in the past 3 days.


For Wednesday we plan to have 6 lifts operating – including Madonna I – and 77 of 78 trails open.


43 trails / 154 acres to be groomed for Wednesday.