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Special Interest Programs

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Smugglers' All-Day Special Interest Camps

High Adventure Experience Camp, Survival Camp, Mountain Bike Camp and Junior Tennis Camp!

June 12 - September 4, 2017.

High Adventure Camp

High Adventure Camp - Ages 9-17

Kids looking for adventure can mix it up with our High Adventure Experience Camp. Campers will challenge themselves with the most exciting activities Smuggs has to offer!
Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

High Adventure Camp Information & Schedule
Monday - Experience our exciting Tyrollean Traverse and learn to rappel with professional guides from Metro Rock Includes guides, activities, bag lunch and transportation.

Tuesday - Learn how to rappel and rock climb at some of Vermont's beautiful climbing spots. Professional guides from Metro Rock will lead rock climbing expeditions to some of the most pristine rock climbing locations around the area. On rainy days, we will go to the indoor Metro Rock climbing facility. Includes guides, activities, and bag lunch.

Wednesday - Enjoy a scenic kayaking adventure and picnic lunch guided by our experienced counselors. Includes guides, transportation, bag lunch, boats & gear.

Thursday - ArborTrek Treetop Obstacle Course and Climbing Adventure. Awaken your inner Ninja Warrior. Come prepared to climb, swing, balance, jump, zip and dash through the forest on our Treetop Obstacle Course. Designed for those who like to get physical, the Treetop Obstacle Course blends beautiful views with a variety of elements ranging from easy to extremely challenging, including wobbly bridges, balance beams, rope swings, cargo nets, log swings and more. Must be at least 70lbs and be able to reach up 66" standing flat footed. Includes guides, activities, and bag lunch.

Friday - Spend the morning paddleboarding at Bootleggers' Basin. Spend the rest of the day at Notchville Park! Climb Raven's Roost climbing tower, swing on the Giant Swing, soar high into the sky on our Eurobungy, and swim in the pools at Notchville Park. Includes hot lunch.

Includes guides, lunch, equipment and transportation. Regular price $119 per person, per day. $569 per person for 5-day program. FamilyFest Package guests take 25% OFF.

Mountain Bike Camp

Mountain Bike Camp - Ages 7-17

Mountain Bike Camp is for anyone wanting to learn the basics of trail riding or looking for new challenges.
Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Mountain Bike Camp Information
Mountain Bike Camp is for all skill levels, from campers looking to learn the basics, or experienced riders looking
for new challenges and experiences on our mountain bike facility. New this year, students will have access to our Sir Henry's MTB skills park, where they can spend time practicing on elements they'll find when trail riding. Riders will get to explore our trail network where they can ride at their own pace with others of similar age and ability levels. Our mountain bike pros will be with the group every step of the way, helping campers progress their skills to the next level.

Clinics and group rides are also available for adults and kids. Visit smuggs.com/mtb or see the Resort Information Guide for information.

$399 per person for 5-day program, $99 per person for single day program. Includes instruction, equipment, and lunch. Mountain Bike Camp is included with the Adventure Connection Package. FamilyFest Package guests take 25% OFF.


Survival Camp

Survival Camp - Ages 7-17

Challenge and surprise yourself in nature by joining our Survival Camp.
Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Survival Camp Information & Schedule
Try it if you dare! During this five-day journey, campers ages 9-17 will learn an array of wilderness survival skills as well as modern camping and backpacking methods and tactics that complement them. Campers learn to build on essential survival skills each day and then embark on an overnight camping journey on Thursday to bring it all together. Join us for the full five days or one day — be prepared to have some wild adventure!

5-day Program Schedule:

Monday: Shelter
Spend the morning learning various strategies for the building of shelters with natural materials such as debris huts. In the afternoon learn procedures and tips for setting up a modern camping tent and site. You'll also learn how to tie various knots and make rope(cordage) as well as troubleshooting shelter issues in a challenging wilderness environment.

Tuesday: Water Spend the morning learning various strategies for locating and drawing out safe drinking water in nature. You'll also learn procedures and tips for using water filters correctly & safely. The afternoon will be filled with a water adventure as campers will go X-Streaming (hiking up a stream)!!!

Wednesday: Fire Campers will get to try different strategies for starting fire in nature using only natural materials. Well explore how to make & use a Bow drill and try to make fire using Flint & Steel. Don't forget about camping too! Campers will learn strategies and techniques for building and managing a camp fire safely.

Thursday: Food Learn how you can find food in the woods! You'll learn about locating, trapping and foraging for food safely in nature. Later, you'll complement that with tips on the selection and preparation of a well-rounded camping diet and tips on where to buy and how to keep a pack lightweight.

Friday: Get Lost! Find your way back to the Resort using maps, compasses and the skills you've learned throughout the week.

Daily activities include:
- Specific wilderness survival skills
- Specific modern camping skills
- Plant and animal identification
- Tactics for moving, tracking, and escaping in the wilderness
- Native American games, stories, and heritage
- Hiking, swimming, and journaling

Includes guides, lunch, equipment and transportation. Regular price $99 per person, per day. $469 per person for 5-day program. Included with the Adventure Connection Vacation Package. FamilyFest Package guests take 25% OFF.

Junior Tennis Camp

Junior Tennis Camp - Ages 7-17

Whether your child is a budding pro or simply wants to learn the basics.
Tuesday-Thursday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Junior Tennis Camp Information
Tennis is a lifelong activity. Our camp focuses both on introducing new players to the game as well as working with current players. We provide all the necessary equipment and use a variety of drills and game based activities to engage players. Groups are based on ability level and age. One half-hour semi-private lesson and pool time are included.

• Skilled instruction
• Warm-up exercises
• A half-hour semi-private lesson
• Coached match play
• Tennis etiquette
• Individual skill assessment
• Activity & pool time

Lunch included. $99 per person. Included with the Adventure Connection vacation package. FamilyFest vacation package guests take 25% OFF. Available June 21 - August 25, 2016. Advance registration required, call .

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