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The Notch Card

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Notch Card

Notch Card

Your personal RFID card to access Smugglers' lifts and other Resort facilities!

The Notch Card is a RFID card that will replace our traditional paper lift ticket, season pass, badge or SmuggsPass ticket. You simply place the card in a pocket and when you are near one of the RFID enabled gates it will automatically open, as long as your card is loaded with the valid access product for that lift, pool, facility or family activity.

The Notch Card is available for purchase for a one-time fee of $5 plus 6% VT Sales Tax. The card is reusable so you can enjoy Smugglers' services and facilities year-round by conveniently reloading your card on-line or at our point of sale locations.

Why is Smugglers' using the RFID System?

We are implementing this new technology at Smugglers' to provide high value customer service for every customer any season you visit us!

   • No more waiting in lines to purchase your lift ticket or Daycation ticket. Once you purchase a Notch Card, you can conveniently reload the card with any of our year-round products.

   • No more unzipping your Winter jacket to show your lift ticket or season pass, or fumbling through your pool bag to find your SmuggsPass to show the pool attendant.

   • Reloadable cards reduce traditional lift ticket waste.

Where is Smugglers' using the RFID System?

We are using the RFID system at all of our mountain lifts, our Resort Waterparks: Mountainside Water Playground, Notchville Park, Courtside Pool and at the Ozone in the FunZone 2.0 Family Fun Complex. At times we will also check the cards at our other Resort facilities and family activities.

It is currently being used in the Ozone level of the FunZone 2.0 Family Fun Complex and at our Resort Waterparks. Our mountain lifts will be installed for the Winter 2017-2018 season.

Learn more about RFID by checking our RFID FAQ's