“Fresh” Prince

Apr 16, 2014 Brendan FreshRockin’ Ron for Hugh. What a difference a day makes.Yesterday was torrential rain and today was sunshine and powder. I saw Dave Sills (aka P1 or Patrol One) at the Top of the Notch. He said they had a heck of a time assessing the conditions this morning. After just a couple of runs, I can see what they went through. Well, my hat (or helmet) is off to you Dave, and the rest of Patrol and Mountain Ops. I chanced upon Greg Fatigate and he raved about the Birch Run Terrain Park, and he was right – it was in excellent condition with 4 rails and 3 jumps. Pictured is Brendan Simpson getting some fresh powder on the trail that connects Thomke’s to Bootleggers and Smugglers’ Alley. We skied a nice variety of terrain including Highlander Glades and Pipeline.Today was a crowning achievement to the season – we felt like Princes of Powder – like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.


First day of Spring


headwall blogWinter wonderland is what it looks like up here at Smuggs… The skiing and riding is just wonderful with powder and packed powder conditions. We are 100 percent open with all 78 trails. The forecast calls for snow right into the weekend with up to 8 inches of accumulation possible. The photo you see here was taken on the Headwall of Madonna Liftline.


Powder day


tony blogWe received 8 inches of new snow today and 11 inches in the past 3 days. Our season total is now at 225 inches. The conditions are fantastic and getting better. We are also expecting another 8 to 12 inches of snow in the next 24 hours.


6 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours.


Jess bermudaJess enjoying the fresh snow in Bermuda. We received 17 inches of new snow in the past week. I was taking some photos from the summit of Madonna when I saw my son and his Mitey Mites class. He told me that they had just skied Doc Dempsey’s to Bermuda. He said it was a great long glade run. I took his advice and headed for Doc’s. I found some nice fresh snow on skier’s left. Bermuda was next and I was looking forward to the low angle glades. Bermuda got its name from being warm and sunny. The trees provide protection from the wind and it is southern facing. The low angle allows you to cruise between the trees without having to worry about speed control too much. I love floating down through the powder in the sunshine.


Doc Dempsey’s


brooks blog

It was clear overnight and the temperature dropped down a little bit. The sun came out this morning and warmed us up. I had a good time today looking for powder stashes and good sunlight for photos. Pictured here is Brooks having fun in the glades on Madonna Mountain. Tuesday February 18 is Vermont Specialty Food Day in the Village Courtyard from 10:30 am till 2:30 pm. Try Liz Lovely 100 percent natural cookies, Kimball Farms milk and chocolate milk, delicious Cabot Cheese, Vermont Smoke & Cure meats, Green Mountain Coffee, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and maple products from Butternut Farm! My good friend Matteo of Cacao Matteo Chocolatier will also be there with Cassis Truffles, Maple Crème Leaves, Cranberry Orange Bark, and Hard Cider Caramel. He lives and makes his chocolates here in Cambridge, Vermont. I have been lucky enough to sample his chocolates and they are fantastic!


Great conditions


Justin powder blogWe received 20 inches of new snow in the past 2 days. This morning I was lucky enough to go on the Cat Trax Fresh Trax Tour up Madonna Mountain. I skied Doc Dempsey’s and it was wonderful. I headed down Gary B’s to get back to the Village but when I saw all the powder in Bermuda I had to jump in. I took my time and found many fresh turns. It was another fantastic day on the slopes of Smuggs. Pictured here is my good friend Justin enjoying some powder on the side of Father Bob’s.


Powder Day!


matt from Maine.JPG blogToday was easily one of the best days of the season. We received 12 inches of new snow last night and another 6 inches during the day. It was wonderful the way all the tracks just kept filling in. Most of the schools were closed today, so everyone was out on the hill enjoying the fantastic powder everywhere. There is more snow in the forecast for tomorrow and also on Tuesday. It is going to be a great weekend! The picture you see here is my friend Matthew from Maine enjoying the white fluffy stuff.


Powder Day


geoff pow. blogWe received 10 inches of new snow in the past 24 hours and 22 inches in the past week. The forecast called for 1 to 2 inches of new snow overnight and we got 6 to 8 inches. We had colder temperatures last night and that made the snow light.

My first run of the day was on Madonna Mountain. I was shocked by the amount of new snow that we received overnight. I took a video with my iphone and sent it to Alex Martin of Smuggs TV to show him all the fresh snow that we received. He was also shocked by the amount of new snow and said that he was on his way to the Upper Parking Lot. After Alex put on his boots and grabbed his video camera we headed for Madonna. We had a great time playing in the powder filled glades. Alex headed back to Smuggs TV so that he could edit and post the powder video. To see this video just go to http://vimeo.com/search?q=smugglers+notch+february+powder+grab

I received a text message from my good friends Tony and Geoff saying that they were in the Upper Parking Lot.  I told them that I was on Madonna and the conditions are fantastic. We headed back up Madonna to find more powder stashes. We ran into our good friend Lenny at the summit of Madonna and he joined our group of powder hounds. It’s really hard to beat skiing with great friends in great conditions. I had so much fun today that I never took a break to go inside. I want to thank my good buddy Lenny for sharing his bagel sandwich with me on the Madonna I chair lift. It really helped me get through the afternoon.