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m view

You’re my blues sky, you’re my sunny day. Madonna as seen from Midway.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Lots of things are happening here at the Resort and I couldn’t come up with a theme. So, this’ll be a grab bag blog.

CONDITIONS UPDATE: Mark Delaney of Mountain Operations says “Wednesday afternoon through Thursday brings another warm-up. This may allow us to get more skiing open if it softens, especially Thursday afternoon. Friday brings falling temps and maybe some snow, and we’ll be working nonstop Friday night to deliver plenty of groomed terrain for this weekend.”

CELEBRITY SIGHTING: While delivering this morning’s report I ran into former Smugglers’ Notch President Bob Mulcahy. He skies every Wednesday with the 55+ Club. He’s always got a smile to share and a hearty hello. He even has a trail named after him on Madonna Mountain called Mulcahy’s Link.

VALENTINE’S DAY MOMENT: Waterville Elementary School had one of their weekly Learn-to-Ski/Snowboard sessions today. I often visit the school and perform as the Friendly Pirate. I saw our head snowmaker Justin’s daughter and she said “Happy Valentine’s Day Rockin’ Ron!”

WONDER BACK WEDNESDAY: After cruising down Upper Drifter in the sunshine, I called Stacy of IT/PR. We skied it together many years ago with our friends Carol and Nadine. I told her it brought back fun memories. She sarcastically told me “thanks” because she was sitting in the office and not skiing on the mountain.

k club

Join the Club that all the Kids are talking about!

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: I was able to get a run on one of my other favorite trails… Ruthies. This winding trail has some great views and is the best was to get back to Village. I used to be in an office with the Reservations Department in the Sycamores building, which is alongside the Meadowlark trail. I stopped in to see the friendly faces of Cheryl, Kendall, Kristie, and Lanaea. It was a great way to end another beautiful day of skiing.

KIDS’ CLUB: If your family is staying at the Resort this coming weekend, check out Kids’ Club. Stickers, Coloring Book, Coupons and more great stuff for the KIDS!



Groomers are working their Cats off!


grrom 2

Good Morning Morse Mountain – it’s time to get groomed for the day – you always want to look and ski your best!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. A major shout out to our Grooming Crew: Arlo, Casey, David, Dickie, Donnie and his other brother Donnie, Jason and his other brother Jason, Mike, Nelson, Rich, and Robert!!! They’ve groomed over 140 acres of terrain overnight and this morning. Grooming tip #1 – white corduroy is always in fashion. In addition to their efforts, warmer temps could help surfaces soften up, and OPEN UP MORE TRAILS.

On top of Madonna

On top of Madonna / All covered in snow / I lost my poor ski pole / In the Black Hole. Photo from Tue, Feb 13 at 3:30 pm.


Updates and Dates


Boy and Girl sittin’ on the Lift. What will they get for gifts? 3 Mountain Outfitters coats to wear? Lake Champlain Chocolates, or Vermont Teddy Bears?

Rockin’ for Hugh for Hugh. February has delivered 40″ of snow to our mountains! A recent freeze-thaw cycle has dropped our trail count from 100%, but the snow is still there. In the words of one of our Smugglers: “it’s Mother Nature’s way of preserving the goods”. Anticipated warmer temps and a little bit o’ snowfall should bring the numbers back up quite quickly. In the meantime, our Groomers are working their cats off!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! To celebrate, we have some sweetheart deals at 3 Mountain Outfitters (clothing and more), the Perk & Country Store (sweets and treats), and at our Ticket Booths (Lift Ticket specials). Who will you take on a date?

In honor of the Winter Olympics, the Activities Department has come up with daily Winter Games (through February 24th). Fun challenges for the whole family. Go for the GOLD and free HC at the Hot Chocolate Warm Up.

BTW – Hugh took the photos. All I have left to say is #smuggslove.


Roses are red. Intermediate trails are Blue. I love to go skiing at Smuggs with YOU!









Snowmaking LMLL

snowmaking 1-30-18

Snowmaking hoses across Lower Morse Liftline.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. LMLL is Lower Morse Liftline, where snowmakers are busy making snow. The trail will be closed today, therefore the Village Lift is still running to the top,but there will be no mid-station access. Also note that Harvey’s Hideaway and Jolly Rodger (I love that trail) are only accessible from Upper Exhibition, meaning Experts only.


Treasures Staffers spell out LMLL. BTW – they are all WINNERS!



WinterFest / Winter Trails Day

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. What else to do on a day with “clear” snow, but write about an event happening later this week – Saturday, January 27th. WinterFest – presented by Cambridge Area Rotary – is an annual event in the Cambridge/Jeffersonville/Smugglers’ Notch area that celebrates winter with food and activities. The Resort has always been very supportive, and our Nordic Center is once again hosting a 5K Cross Country Ramble.  In fact, Winter Trails Day (FREE Snowshoe and X-C rentals and trail passes for beginners) is also this Saturday. Other WinterFest highlights include Pie for Breakfast, Slow-Poker Race, Lasagna Dinner, Bonfire, Fire Dancers, and Fireworks. Check out the poster for details.

NOTE: The Fire Dancing by Cirque de Fuego will take place from 7:00 pm -7:30 pm.



Snow Snake snow make

BBB on Snow Snake

Billy Bob Bear carves it up! See evidence of recent snowmaking on the trees beside the trail.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. The Snowmakers and Groomers did an excellent job getting the Snow Snake trail open today. It’s a fun intermediate trail on Morse Mountain. If you’re skiing with beginners on Morse and you want something a little more challenging, sneak over to Snow Snake and slither down and around some exhilarating pitches and turns.



Billy Bob Bear is in da DEN!

BBB bear den sign

Billy Bob’s Bear Den… BEFORE.

BBB bear den exit

Billy Bob’s Bear Den… AFTER

BBB lift

“Hey, Brother Bear, can I get a lift?”

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Had me a bear-y special day skiing with my one of my BFFs (Best Furry Friends). Normally bears hibernate in the winter, but our bear likes to ski and party with all the families at Smuggs, so he hiber-naps instead. Billy was awake and in fine form today, making 180 degree turns and skiing on one leg. He pleasantly posed for photos, especially at the top of the Morse Highlands Lift. He even helped a fallen skier get back on her feet. He does want to know when he gets a lift named after him like Mogul Mouse. Better make him happy – he can get unbearable!


Yo ho ho – we got more SNOW!


Tom like Santa

Tom from Village Services bears a striking resemblance to… let’s just say he has a Claus in his contract.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Santa must have put us on his nice list, because we’ve already received 108 inches of snow this season, 26 inches in the past week, 2 inches in the past 12 hours, and more snow is on the way! Snowmakers have also had some great snowmaking temps in the past 2 months. They most recently made snow is on Madonna Mountain. 66 trails are open to today!! Here are some scenes from our Village on Christmas Day.


Lifties with brooms

Lift Attendants with brooms at the ready – to clean off snow-covered chairs.


Jolene of Ski & Ride is present and accounted for, not to mention festive.

ssu wagon

You might expect to be Sleigh’ed on Christmas Day, but it’s a wagon the tractor is draggin’. It takes the Discovery Campers to Sir Henry’s Hill.

lesson meeting place

Near the Gazebo, where all the cool people chill before their lessons.



Snow on Mountain/Bear on Board

BBB up close

BBB on the Mogul Mouse Lift.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. While there was mixed precip and “clear” snow at the lower elevations, we received 4 inches of snow up top. This allowed us to open a section of Upper Madonna Liftline and the Black Hole. Even on his day off, Hugh got a photo of the powder on Madonna. Meanwhile, I was the animal trainer for Billy Bob Bear. We made several runs on Morse with Billy boarding and me skiing. This winter, look to see BBB, as well Mogul Mouse and the Friendly Pirate on the slopes.

Dec 19 Powder shot

Upper Madonna Liftline. Photo by Hugh Johnson.




BBB board

On Lower Morse Liftline.