Freshly Groomed Terrain

Freshly Groomed

It looks like this could be anywhere, but it is from Lower Morse Liftline.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. The Groomers were busy last night and early this morning laying down the corduroy on 49 trails – that’s 161 acres of… FRESHLY GROOMED TERRAIN for your skiing and riding enjoyment.


Birch Run/Bermuda

Birch Run TJ aRockin’ Ron for Hugh. Today Hugh and I were both chaperoning Winter Wellness groups from Cambridge Elementary School. Hugh sent me these photos of his group catching air in Birch Run Terrain Park. To paraphrase a famous saying “to AIR is Hugh-man”.

Meanwhile, I had three snowboarders in my group and we hit all the blue square (intermediate) and black diamond (expert) trails on Morse Mountain. We even did Upper Morse Liftline… twice!! Former Smuggs Patroller and current Cambridge Area Rotary President Tom Lachance was also chaperoning a Winter Wellness group, and we decided to join forces for a few runs.


Birch Run 3aAfter we dropped the Cambridge kids off to catch their bus, Tom and I headed up to Madonna Mountain. The sun was out, there was no wind, and of course all that powder was calling our names. Where would you go when there’s over a foot of fresh snow… the same place we did… BERMUDA! We took Upper Chilcoot to Catwalk to Upper FIS to Lower Doc’s to Ruthie’s to Gary B’s and finally on to Bermuda – one of the great gladed trails at Smuggs. Don’t ask me how it got that name. All I know is that it was a mini-vacation from the world.





Valentines Day Snow will be SWEET!

Waiting for the Sun

Waiting for Sun – Smuggs’ Solar Panels and Madonna Mtn are humming the tune by the Doors

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Nearly a foot and a half of snow in the past 36 hours and over THREE FEET in the past week! Not to mention that we could get another 9 inches by Thursday (OK, I just mentioned it). To celebrate, we’ve got a special Valentines deal: Show the love – on the slopes with your Valentine at Smuggs. Purchase one Full Day Adult 3 Mountain Ticket and receive one Full Day Ticket (of equal or lesser value) FREE – PLUS a mouth watering Lake Champlain chocolate for you and your valentine. Both tickets must be used on February 14, 2017. No other discounts apply.


Black Hole White Vortex

<><><> The Black Hole <><><> 2/6/17

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I overheard this exchange on the deck of the Enterprise. “Scotty, you have to take more runs, this powder’s amazing”. “Aye, Captain Kirk, but there are too many dilithium snow crystals, I don’t know how much more I can take!”

Thanks to Hugh for boldly going into the Black Hole and beaming up this photo.

BTW – The Black Hole is the only triple black diamond in the East! There are some that would argue that Upper Madonna Liftline, a double black, is just as challenging.


Snow Picnic

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. 4 to 6 inches of SNOW over night and 30 inches in the past week! Don’t pack a lunch – pack your skis or snowboard for this picnic!


Blue Sky Ski Day

Moguls on Steriods?

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Today was a beauty! The sun was out for the duration. Riding up the Village Lift, I had to do a double-take. Where did those moguls on steroids come from, I wondered. They weren’t moguls but snowmaking whales. Despite nearly 2 feet of snow in the past week, our snowmakers are still busy making the white gold. Speaking of moguls, Mogul Mouse’s BFF Billy Bob Bear has been working out at the gym. So, I want to deny the rumors that Billy Bob is on bear-roids.





No other Mother like Madonna

Cruising to the upper mountains on the Midway trail, I stopped to get what I think is an “artsy” shot of Madonna Mountain as viewed looking over a pile of snow near one of the snowmaking reservoirs (known in the summer as Rumrunners’ Hideaway). On the ride up the Madonna I Lift, I marveled at Patrol and others negotiating Upper Liftline.






Blue Sky Liftline

I  enjoyed a sunshine-guided run on Drifter and sailed on more snowmaking whales – this time on Lower FIS. My last run of the day I took in all 2,610 feet of Smuggs vertical: Upper Chilcoot > Link > Waterfall > Ruthie’s > Midway > Curley’s > Meadowlark. At 3 miles long, I believe this is the longest run on the mountain. Can anyone other than Hugh or Steve Wry confirm that? If you can – respond to this blog post in the comment section below.



snow-shotRockin’ Ron for Hugh. We’ve received 2 to 4 inches of snow in the past 24 hours. This wet snow contributes to our already considerable base. Even more snow is in the forecast from now through the weekend. Of course you can expect the trail count to climb! It’s all uphill from here… then downhill… then repeat… OFTEN!


Tutu Tuesday


The SSU Drill Team – Erik and Rob.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. It’s a sunny morning on the mountain! While delivering the Snow Report around the Village, I saw Erik and Rob setting up the SSU Lesson Meeting Area. Rob is not shy about wearin’ the tutu  whilst shreddin’ the slopes, but do you trust him drillin’ the hill? Elsewhere on my rounds, I chatted with Jeff at 3 Mountain Outfitters Demo Center (coincidentally, it’s Demo Day today), and he quipped “you can tune a ski, but you can’t tuna fish”. I also stopped in to say hi to Harley, the Queen of SSU, who moonlights as Pearl the Purple Pirate Princess. Before the lifts were turnin’, Harley and Sara of Marketing took their first run on Sterling. She shared a morning moon photo taken with a fish-eyed lens… does that make it Lunar Fish?  OK, I gotta go find some better jokes, or go skiin’, or BOTH! 


Morning Moon over Upper Rumrunner.



Snow Snake snow make

snow-snake-snow-makeRockin’ Ron for Hugh. Our Snowmakers have been busy all Winter. Today they were making snow on Lower Rumrunner. Pictured here is recent evidence of their efforts on Snow Snake. Being on Morse Mountain, which offers primarily beginner terrain, Snow Snake is a hidden gem. This intermediate cruiser has several steep pitches and winding turns that snake around and down the hill. Better call a Reptile Doctor because… this Snake is TOTALLY SICK!