Great conditions with more snow on the way

The Smugglers’ Notch Extreme Skiing Challenge is tomorrow on the Madonna Liftline from Catwalk down to the bottom of the Headwall.  My son Hugh B and I are both entered in the event, so we were on Madonna today getting in some practice.  The Madonna Liftline is filled in very nicely and is in great shape for the competition!  We skied from Catwalk down to the work road checking out our lines for tomorrow.  It was skiing great and the forecast is calling for 2 to 4 inches of new snow in the next 24 hours.   The competition is going to be amazing with 100 competitors taking on some of the gnarliest terrain on the East Coast! We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with all 78 trails and all 8 lifts operating. 29 trails will be groomed for tomorrow including skier’s right on Upper FIS, Snow Snake, and Black Snake for a grand total of 163 acres.
Ken powder Hugh b powder


You’re my Blue Sky, you’re my sunny day…

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I was singing the Allman Brothers’ “Blue Sky” as I was delivering the Snow Report this morning. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a sunny and crisp winter day in Vermont (is that too much bull for the “No Bull” Snow Report?). Once again, the snow guns are set for STUN to take advantage of the single digit temps. The bottom right picture includes the Gazebo and Bonfire Pit. This is the site of Winter Welcome Warm-ups on Mondays, and Winter Carnivals on Thursdays. In the summer, it’s where Goodtime Charlie does his Bonfire sing-along. Today may be too nippy for strumming guitar to Puff the Magic Dragon, so let’s stick with a capella Allmans.

MidwaySnowmaking Morse


Very Merry Larry & Merry Mamaroneck

Very Merry Larry    Zach

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I started off my ski day on Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift, where Legendary Lift Man, Larry Burnor likes to keep it merry – that’s how he rolls. Here he’s pictured brushing the snow off the chairs. Darn, if he’s not thoughtful too.

Later on I met up with my friends Jeff, Matt, Zach, and Andrew from Mamaroneck, NY. I’ve known J, M, and Z since they first came to the Resort 10 years ago. Zach was just a toddler when I first met him, now he’s almost a teenager and totally into snowboarding. Yesterday, he took lessons from SSU’s George Zavis and he graduated from Sir Henry’s to Lower Morse Liftline. He was linkin’ turns and lovin’ life (see photo above). As Jeff and I were getting on the Village Lift, I spotted another long time Smuggs Guest, Rob and his daughter Emily. It turns out that Rob and Jeff met each other at the Resort – Rob was born in Mamaroneck. It’s a Smuggs World after all.

Have a MERRY!


Ya never know… until ya go!

Snow SnakeRockin’ Ron for Hugh. By the time I hit the slopes it was more mixed precip than the white fluffy (aka clear snow in Snow Reporter parlance). After all these years, I don’t know why I was surprised that the trails were nice-n-creamy. I was also surprised when Sam the Snow Snake snuck up on me while I rode Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift! I was surprised because it’s not every day you see a reptile on a Lift Tower. BOO-HISSS!

P.S. Try saying “Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift” 5 times fast.


PK’s 5K’s OK

 Michael PK xcRockin’ Ron for Hugh. PK is Paul Kayhart, Smuggs Nordic Director. 5K is 3.something miles. OK is an American expression popular around the world. Anywho, this past Saturday the Nordic Center hosted PK’s 5K Ramble, a non-competitive jaunt on our cross country trails.This event was part of the Heritage WinterFest presented by the Smugglers’ Notch Area Chamber of Commerce. PK, like his predecessor Zeke Zucker, is passionate about cross country skiing. In an effort to introduce more people to the sport, PK convinced the Resort to offer FREE rentals and trail passes. Local dignitaries Mike Moser of the Cambridge Planning Commission and Lynn Saywer of the Cambridge Historical Society took advantage of the offer. Mike and PK (pictured) got out their wooden skis, wouldn’t ya know.

“Well OK then, that was a couple of days ago, what about today Rockin’?” you ask. Twas a bluebird beauty of a day and I skied like I had wings. I made my maiden flight of the season to Morse Highlands. I took the cut-over trail from Lower Morse Liftline right below where Sam’s Run enters (how come I never noticed that trail before?).Then I did my first fly-by of the season on Snow Snake. I never get tired of that trail. It has some nice pitches, rolls, and turns. That’s where I take my friends on Morse, before we migrate to Madonna and Sterling. I gotta migrate outta here… catch ya on the fly.