Powder Day


Hokie playing in the powder on Upper FIS

jeff pow

Jeff is knee deep on Shuttle

pat method

Pat with the method

It snowed for three days straight and we ended up with 14 to 20 inches of new snow. We now have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 5 lifts operating and 48 trails open. We have been making snow around the clock on Log Jam, Dixie’s Knoll, and Hibernator.  All three of these trails are over at the Morse Highlands Area and we plan to have the Morse Highlands Lift operating this weekend. We have also been making snow on the Practice Slope and we plan to open the Sterling T-Bar in the near future.  I would have to say that today was the best day of the season so far.  The conditions were just amazing.  I had so much fun on Doc Dempsey’s and Upper FIS. Skier’s left on Upper FIS was fantastic with drift filled moguls all the way down.  Lower Catwalk opened this afternoon along with Shuttle, Red Fox Glades, and Lower Drifter.  Skier’s right on the top section of Shuttle was also one of my favorites of the day.


Smugglers’ Notch Adaptive Program

blind riderToday was just amazing with beautiful sunny skies and temperatures reaching into the low 30’s. I was skiing with my two daughters over at the Morse Highlands Area. We skied the Log Jam Terrain Park seven times in a row. The girls were having too much fun on the rollers and funboxes. We were doing one of our laps in the terrain park when I saw this blind rider and guide. My hat is off to both the blind rider and guide. This relationship takes a great deal of trust. It was impressive to watch them work together as they rode down the mountain. We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with all 78 trails open.


smuggsphoto Op

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. My friend Bruce Morrissey of smuggsphoto.com, not unsurprisingly, knows where and how to get the money shots. For many years he’s been taking photos & videos of families on the mountain and around the Resort, in Winter and in Summer. Today, we shot video of me skiing as the Friendly Pirate on Morse and Morse Highlands. This footage will be used to promote skiing to kids. When we finished filming we took Midway to Madonna for a fun run: Upper Chilcoot > Catwalk > Lower Catwalk > Lower Drifter > Red Fox Glades > Mulcahy’s Link > Lower FIS. Along the way Bruce snapped this photo of yours truly in action. Whether there were photos or not, it was a sunny day and I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

Rockin by Bruce

Where did Bruce take this shot?


Log Jam Terrain Park

hannah flying off funboxI had a great time at the Morse Highlands area today. I was skiing with my son Hugh B. and my daughter Hannah, pictured here. My kids were having so much fun in the Log Jam Terrain Park. They could not get enough of the funboxes. The Morse Highlands lift is a short ride, so the kids could be back in the terrain park in no time. We also enjoyed a hot chocolate break at the Morse Highlands Lodge before doing more laps in the terrain park. We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 77 out of 78 trails open. 6 lifts will be operating on Monday, including the Madonna I Lift. 35 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, including Drifter, Snow Snake, and Jolly Rodger for a grand total of 116 acres. Tomorrow’s forecast is partly to mostly cloudy skies with a chance of flurries and a high of 20 degrees.


Flying Sam in Log Jam

Sam Laporte
This is local ripper Sam LaPorte in the Log Jam Terrain Park at Morse Highlands. The crazy thing is that Sam is a better skier then he is a snowboarder. Cambridge Elementary 4th graders were here today at Smuggs for one of their Cambridge Area Rotary’s Winter Wellness Days. This is a wonderful program that helps students experience the world of snowboarding and skiing, especially for the students who have never been on the mountain before.


Great conditions

harley bootleggerOur snowmakers have been doing a wonderful job! They have been busy on all 3 mountains allowing more terrain to be opened for us to ski and ride. The Log Jam Terrain Park opened today at the Morse Highlands area. This terrain park is great for beginners and it has some wonderful features. There are many features that are made of snow like rollers and a small serpentine half pipe. All of these different shapes are just so much fun and also super teaching tools. My 3 year old daughter Hayleigh had a blast skiing through the serpentine and the rollers this morning. We have been making snow on Upper Pipeline, Bootlegger, Chute, Snake Bike, Smugglers’ Alley, and Hangman’s Drop the past 2 days. Now that these trails are blanketed with snow, our snowmakers are focused on Madonna Mountain. I took a few runs with my wife Harley this afternoon on Sterling Mountain. She is pictured here enjoying the great snow on Bootlegger.


Another beautiful day filled with sunshine and snow

We received 10 inches of new snow in the past week and 102 inches this season so far.  Our snowmakers have been working around the clock at the Morse Highlands area and Morse Mountain recently.  The photo on the left shows the amount of snow our snowmakers can make in just one night with the right conditions.  Our snowmakers made tons of snow on Log Jam which was groomed out today and we plan to open the Log Jam Terrain Park soon. Our snowmakers have moved up to Sterling Mountain for tonight. We are presently making snow on Upper Pipeline, Hangman’s Drop, Bootlegger, the Zone, Lower Rumrunner, and Lower Exhibition.  The perfect snowmaking temperatures will allow us to open more trails this week.  We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 6 lifts operating, including the Madonna I Lift. We have 64 trails open with fantastic conditions.  On the grooming list tonight is 30 trails, including Upper FIS, Thomke’s Express, and Snow Snake.  A grand total of 164 of freshly groomed terrain.  Tomorrow’s forecast is partly sunny skies with temperatures in the 20’s.  The forecast for Thursday night and Friday is snow, 3 inches of accumulation possible.
snow and view snowmaking


Butcher, Baker, SNOWMAKER!

Dec 30th 2014 snowmaking highlandsRockin’ Ron for Hugh.  We’ve been making snow around the clock and temps look good for continued snowmaking throughout the week. Last night it was Lower Madonna, today it is Morse (pictured here) and tomorrow it will be Sterling. More trails will open soon. To commemorate this flurry of flurries, I have fashioned this verse:


Smugg-a-dub-dud, Three Mountains we lub

Sterling, Madonna, & Morse

the Bucher, the Baker and all the Snowmakers

make snow for our skis and our boards 


PK’s 5K’s OK

 Michael PK xcRockin’ Ron for Hugh. PK is Paul Kayhart, Smuggs Nordic Director. 5K is 3.something miles. OK is an American expression popular around the world. Anywho, this past Saturday the Nordic Center hosted PK’s 5K Ramble, a non-competitive jaunt on our cross country trails.This event was part of the Heritage WinterFest presented by the Smugglers’ Notch Area Chamber of Commerce. PK, like his predecessor Zeke Zucker, is passionate about cross country skiing. In an effort to introduce more people to the sport, PK convinced the Resort to offer FREE rentals and trail passes. Local dignitaries Mike Moser of the Cambridge Planning Commission and Lynn Saywer of the Cambridge Historical Society took advantage of the offer. Mike and PK (pictured) got out their wooden skis, wouldn’t ya know.

“Well OK then, that was a couple of days ago, what about today Rockin’?” you ask. Twas a bluebird beauty of a day and I skied like I had wings. I made my maiden flight of the season to Morse Highlands. I took the cut-over trail from Lower Morse Liftline right below where Sam’s Run enters (how come I never noticed that trail before?).Then I did my first fly-by of the season on Snow Snake. I never get tired of that trail. It has some nice pitches, rolls, and turns. That’s where I take my friends on Morse, before we migrate to Madonna and Sterling. I gotta migrate outta here… catch ya on the fly.


Snowshoeing on the Wire Road


snowshoe blogI was skiing at the Morse Highlands area today. I wanted to see the Log Jam Terrain Park that just opened a few days ago. The Log Jam Terrain Park is designed for beginners with rollers and fun boxes that are low to the ground. I was skiing back to the Morse Highlands lift when I ran into Keith and Beth from Toronto, the couple pictured here. They were out snowshoeing on the Wire Road and were going to check out the Fox Trot Loop. We chatted for a while about how beautiful and peaceful it is to go snowshoeing through the snow covered woods. The Smugglers’ Notch Nordic Center has 30 km of cross country skiing trails and 24 km of snowshoeing trails. The Nordic Center has cross country, snowshoes, and ice skate rentals. They also give tours and cross country ski lessons. For more information go to smuggs.com or you can call them at 802 644 1173.