Welcome 2016


Riding into the New Year

I was riding the Sterling Lift this morning and I could see Ski Patrol on Thomke’s. They were marking obstacles with bamboo, so they could open it up.  They were able to open Thomke’s, Thomke’s Express, and Chute today.  I headed for Thomke’s and had fun in the natural snow. I stayed on Thomke’s down to the bottom of Bootlegger.  These trails closed later in the day, but they were fun while they lasted. They will open again soon; there is more snow in the forecast for Saturday night and Sunday with up to 3 inches of accumulation possible.

last run light

Nice light on last run

We have been making snow around the clock on Upper Chilcoot. Our snow makers have now fired up on Black Snake and plan to also make snow on Birch Run Terrain Park tonight. They also plan to make more snow at the base area of the Practice Slope, so that it’s easier for skier and boarder traffic coming from lot #1.

Even colder temperatures are in the forecast on Sunday night through Tuesday with the low reaching -9 degrees on Monday night. These cold temperatures will allow us to make snow top to bottom and a bunch of it!



Ski Patrol


phot blogThis morning I rode the Madonna I lift with the Ski Patrol to check lift and trail conditions. We were talking about all the snow that we have received in the past week and how good the conditions are. In fact we received 31 inches of new snow in the past week. The skis that you see in the photo are all for powder. I want to take a second to thank our ski patrol for all they do. They are always here for us from milk run to sweep everyday!