Blast from the Past and a beautiful day

bending the gateThe day started off with cloudy skies, except for the top of Madonna Mountain and Mount Mansfield. I want to thank my good friend and Smuggs employee Jeremy Corkins for sending me this great picture of Mount Mansfield seen from Madonna Mountain.  I love it when the peaks of mountains look like islands and the clouds are the ocean. It was a great day to be out on the mountains today. I was lucky enough to spend it with family and great friends.  We had so much fun taking in the amazing views from the chair lifts and playing in all the corn snow.

ryan and gusTomorrow is going to be a repeat of today and I can’t wait. We have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 7 lifts operating and 37 trails open. 29 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s 147 acres. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for mostly sunny skies with temperatures between 37 and 48 degrees. Easter Sunrise Service is tomorrow morning. The Sterling Lift will be operating from 6:00 am till 6:30 am.  sunrise sterling top ken drop


Picture yourself here

zoneThe temperature dropped down into the single digits last night and our snowmakers took full advantage. We made snow on Morse Mountain and Sterling Mountain last night. The forecast is calling for temperatures between 8 and 16 degrees tonight. Our snowmakers will be busy once again. We are going to make snow on Midway, Meadowlark, Upper Rumrunner, Crossover, Treasure Run, Lower Exhibition, and the Zone.


Dodge's viewWe have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with all 8 lifts operating and 37 trails open. 35 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s 159 acres. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for beautiful sunny skies with temperatures between 21 and 33 degrees.


Powder Day

tony black hole croppedThis is Harley Johnson, filling in for Hugh Johnson.  Today was AMAZING with 6 inches of new snow on top of Madonna. My sister Cathy and I dropped the kids off at Mini Mites and Mitey Mites and then headed to Sterling Mountain.  While standing at the top of Upper Exhibition we joined up with our good friend Tony, and skied with him until it was time to pick the kids back up from Mitey Mites.  I have not skied the Black Hole in a while and wow was it awesome.  Tony is pictured here getting after it in the new snow.  We may have skied a different trail on every run.  We kept finding fresh snow everywhere.


It’s all about having fun


Dara hanging out

I was getting on the Sterling Lift when I saw Snow Sport University Instructor Dara.  She was hanging out waiting on some friends. The cool part is that she was having fun by only balancing on her skis tips and ski poles.







Old Man Winter at the summit of Sterling

It looked like Old Man Winter was also having fun doing some runs on Sterling Mountain with his friend Young Man Winter.  The soft conditions in the Birch Run Terrain Park made all the landing fun too.  It was great to hear a group of friends cheering on their buddy who made it across one of the rails for the first time!





rail birch run

Riding the rail in Birch Run Terrain Park

For Tuesday we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 6 lifts operating and 37 trails open.  30 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, including Upper FIS, McPherson’s, Snow Snake, Snake Bite, and Log Jam for a grand total of 158 acres. We plan to resume snowmaking tonight on Sterling Mountain once the temperatures allow. Tomorrow’s forecast is partly to mostly sunny skies with temperatures between 20 and 32 degrees.


Madonna in View

Shadow and Light 2015 0105

Shadow and Light. Madonna Mountain as viewed from Upper Rumrunner.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. To paraphrase Hugh “It was another beautiful day at Smuggs”. The sun was shining, the air was fresh & crisp, and the turns were exhilarating. I saw signs of snowmaking everywhere: Lower Liftline on Madonna, Lower Liftline on Morse, and Black Snake on Sterling. In fact, I spotted more whales (snowmaking piles) than they have at Sea World – and I didn’t even sea ’em all! Don’t quote me, but I hear rumors that Madonna could have lift operations in the near future. Back on Sterling, I rode the lift with Andrew Shaw who wasn’t going to let a recent arm injury keep him off the slopes. Andrew has been skiing at Smuggs since he was 5 years old, now he’s working here as a bartender at the Black Bear Tavern. I witnessed Kendal racing down a slalom course on Lower Rumrunner with her SNSC (Smugglers’ Notch Ski and Snowboard Club) team mates. I traded hellos with Patrollers Mike Duncan and Arch. I shared a joke with Kathleen at the Ticket Booth. All in all, twas a good day to be Snow Reporter.


The Village Lift is now open to mid – station.

villageWe now have 4 lifts operating and 16 trails open. Lower Morse Liftline opened today also.  The 6 to 9 inches new snow that we received in the past 3 days has really made a difference. We have some natural snow trails open on Sterling Mountain.



father winterI was riding the Mogul Mouse Magic Lift with my daughter Hannah and we were talking about Father Winter. She spotted the Tee Pee and we could hear some people inside. The Tee Pee is located between Magic Learning Trail and Lower Morse Liftline.  We skied down and stopped by to say hello.  Father Winter has a new Tee Pee this year and it looks great. Father Winter is in his Tee Pee on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


signThe forecast is calling for colder temperatures and snow showers right through the weekend. Our snowmakers are ready to fire up the system as soon as we get the temperatures.  The lines are charged on Madonna and the upper half of Morse Mountain.


Another beautiful day at Smuggs


Snowmaking on Lower Rumrunner

The temperatures dropped down to 24 degrees on top of Sterling Mountain last night. We made snow on Upper Rumrunner, Lower Rumrunner, and parts of the Magic Learning Trail.  There is a free Renoun Ski Demo this weekend in front of the Base Lodge.  These skis have advanced damping technology with non-Newtonian polymer inlays. The harder you ski the more stable the ski becomes.


sterling top jump

View from the summit of Sterling Mountain

Tonight’s forecast calls for mixed precipitation and snow with 1 to 2 inches of accumulation possible. Tomorrow’s forecast is a chance of freezing rain and rain with temperatures between 36 and 43 degrees. The temperatures will fall tomorrow night with a range of 7 to 19 degrees and another inch of snow possible. Snow guns will running on Morse and Sterling Mountains as soon as temperatures allow.


Sterling and Morse

ride the alley

Riding the Alley

Smugglers’ Alley was skiing great today with soft moguls covering the snowmaking whales.  The whales make it interesting and fun.  The back sides are steep and fun to play on.






happy  Hayleigh

Happy Camper



We opened more beginner terrain yesterday on Morse Mountain.  This afternoon I rode the Mogul Mouse Magic lift to mid station and skied Wanderer and the Magic Learning Trail.






Smugglers’ Notch Adaptive Program



Talking about magic it was great to watch the Smugglers’ Notch Adaptive Program and Snow Sport University Instructors doing what they do best.


Colder temperatures are in the forecast for this weekend and some natural snow on Tuesday.


Smugglers’ Alley is open

andy s

Birthday Boy in the bumps

Our snowmakers have been taking advantage of the cold temperatures. We have been making snow around the clock on Morse and Sterling Mountain. We are presently making snow on Black Snake, Upper Rumrunner, Crossover, Treasure Run, Lower Exhibition, Lower Morse Liftline, Sir Henry’s, and the Magic Learning Trail. I got to ski a few birthday runs with my friend Andy. We celebrated with multiple bump runs down the Alley. I want to thank our snowmakers for putting down a nice product on Smugglers’ Alley. I loved the soft snow in between the bumps. I also stopped by the Birch Run Terrain Park, where I watched a skier dialing in his tricks on the flat down rail.

birch run

Flat down rail


Skiing above the clouds

hugh and cloudsIt was so foggy this morning on my drive to the mountain. I was pleasantly surprised to see beautiful sunny skies when I arrived here at Smuggs. The clouds stayed in the valley all day today. It looked like a sea of clouds and mountain peaks looked like islands.  We have 2 lifts operating the Sterling lift and Sir Henry’s Handle Tow. We have 8 trails open with terrain for all ability levels. The Birch Run Terrain Park is open with 6 features. 7 out of the 8 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s 31 acres of freshly groomed terrain.