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3 Seasons of Mountains

Kestrels 3-Bedroom FamilyShare Homes

These listings are currently available:

3-Bedrooms for Sale:
Kestrels #2, Walk-out level, Option B, Priced at $124,900
Kestrels #2, Walk-out level, Option C, Priced at $59,500
Kestrels #4, Entry level, Option B, Priced at $99,500
Kestrels #14, Option A, Priced at $95,900

Option AOption BOption C
Winter 5 weeks - Feb. to early Mar. 4 weeks - late Dec. to mid Jan. 5 weeks - late Jan. & Mar.
Summer 3 weeks - late Jul. to early Aug. 4 weeks - late Jun. to mid Jul. 4 weeks - late Aug. to early Sep.
Spring & Fall 8 weeks - Apr. to early Jun. & Sep. to early Dec. 8 weeks - Apr. to early Jun. & Sep. to early Dec. 8 weeks - Apr. to early Jun. & Sep. to early Dec.

For more information about Real Estate Ownership at Smugglers’ Notch Resort, or to schedule an appointment, call Betty Brgant, Real Estate Broker, Smugglers' Notch Management Co., Ltd. at 802-644-1122 (office), 802-343-0014 (mobile) or send an e-mail inquiry to realestate@smuggs.com

Kestrels Porch
Kestrels Porch

Kestrels Kitchen
Kestrels Dining

Kestrels Dining
Kestrels Living Room

Kestrels Master
Kestrels Guest Room

Kestrels Kids Bedroom
Kestrels View

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