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It’s a Family Affair

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Rockin’ Ron Hugh. 3 inches of snow in the past 24 hours. Snowmaking on Lower Chilcoot and Mulcahy’s Link. Morse Highlands will re-open tomorrow.

Robert Lefkowitz, aka RoML, has been coming to Smuggs for 30 years! His crew now extends to the 3rd generation!!! While introducing Jacob to the joys of the mountain, we saw granddaughter Violet skiing by with Princess Pam and her SSU Class. RoML is famous for singing Gangham Style at Karaoke… in Korean (which he learned how to do from his son-in-law Adam). The Family has been known to do a choreographed Thriller as well. They are fun to be around and it’s their Family Affair.

Long-time Smugglers Kim, Adam, Kayla, Aubrey, RoML, and first-time Smuggler Jacob.
Kim is HAPPY to be at Smuggs!
Here they come!
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