The Green Mountain Byway is One Of Vermont’s Best Kept Secrets


The GMB travels around Vermont’s Sterling range and Mount Mansfield (right), pictured here.

We can all likely agree: outside is the place to be these days. Whether you’re a foliage fanatic, a proud pedal pusher, or more of the healthy-hiker type, one thing is for sure, Vermont’s Green Mountain Byway has everything you’re looking for…and so much more.

People are flocking to North-Central Vermont in droves. Mind you, that may sound intimidating in a time when the general consensus is to stay distant, but the stunning geography of the Green Mountains and its surrounding landscape of quaint New England towns make up the perfect haven for those who need to get out and move. It’s not hard to pick up a map and see some nice circle tours in the area if you plan to stay in your car, but those who want to interact with the area’s attractions are likely looking for more. 

This is where the Green Mountain Byway is the perfect recipe for a day (or a few) of sightseeing, shopping, eating, drinking, and enjoying the scenery that only these billion-year-old mountains can provide. This 72-mile loop connects the towns of Waterbury, Stowe, Morrisville, Hyde Park, Johnson, and Cambridge (beloved home to Smugglers’ Notch). Only 2 hours from New Hampshire, Upstate New York, and Canada, and 4 hours from Massachusetts and Maine – it’s a perfect way to explore the beauty and culture of the area for a day, a weekend, or a week.

Hand painted silo in Jeffersonville

One of many artistic creations along the Green Mountain Byway, “The Silo Project” in Jeffersonville, painted by Sarah Rutherford.

Small towns that pack a big punch

Many Vermonters recall the old adage, commonly, albeit proudly, stated by many in these mountains, “Came for the winter, stayed for the summer.” Well, it’s clear that these small ski towns provide far more than simply convenient approaches to Vermont’s great mountain terrain. The Byway gives access to 100+ restaurants, breweries, wineries, and distilleries, so no need to worry about going hungry (or finding the perfect gift for Uncle Larry). Plus, for those looking to share their affection for Vermont’s quintessential sights and scenes, there are a whopping 13 covered bridges along the way. Better fire up those hashtags.

In addition, the Byway provides access to over 100 miles of mountain biking, endless fishing opportunities in streams, lakes, and ponds, wild and scenic waterfalls, and access to Vermont’s highest peak from all angles. 

While many prefer to access the Byway through popular bike routes like the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail and Stowe Bike Path, it can be a challenge to fit some of the new art they purchase into their bike baskets, making it worthwhile to leave a car in the area. It’s not easy to visit some of these towns without bringing home a piece or two from local artists. Working with paints, pastels, wood, ceramics, photography, and pieces of nature, artists in the area — many known nationally for their Vermont-centric work — capture what it is like to become immersed in such a beautiful environment as Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Signs in downtown Jeffersonville

Jeffersonville, in the Heart of Vermont, is a hub for the GMB. pc: C.H. Diegel Photography

Position yourself in the Heart of Vermont

Smugglers’ mountainside condominium village sits nestled in the convenience of easy access to all of these Byway bounties. While it was clear for a long time that an official “tour” of this nature was needed, it’s inception has solidified a venue for those coming from far and near. Resort owner and managing director, Bill Strizler, comments, “The Green Mountain Byway helps embody the sense of community we strive for in our mountain town through collaborative work from businesses, artists, and recreational enthusiasts alike. Thanks to the hard work of the GMB committee, our guests have the perfect avenue to explore this part of Vermont that we love so much.”

Should you have any questions about the Green Mountain Byway, or for a list of stops along the way, visit For information on booking your condominium at Smugglers’ visit 

Green Mountain Byway Sign

Look for wayfinding Green Mountain Byway signs along your adventures!

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