Snow, Snowmaking, and Ski Patrol. Here we go!

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Snowmakers continue to assault the mountain and temps look promising over the weekend for optimal conditions. Mother nature seems to have an interest in pitching in, too. We’re looking at up to 21 inches of natural snow over the next 5 days! The outlook is good for opening day on November 23. Buy your Pass or Badge now!

weather forecast

It feels so good to see forecasts like these again!

Smugglers’ Patrol is the Best

We couldn’t be more proud of our team. The Smugglers’ Notch Ski Patrol received the National Ski Patrol’s Most Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol award on a snowy afternoon last weekend in the Base Lodge. The award, given annually, accounts for a long list of honors. Smugglers’ patrol team graciously accepted the award after far exceeding the necessary criteria.

The National Outstanding Alpine Patrol award is presented to a patrol that demonstrates excellence in performance, leadership at the regional, divisional, and national levels. Individual accomplishments by the Smugglers’ Patrol weighed heavy into the patrol being awarded this annual prestigious award. The list of accomplishments is long and stood above and beyond the nearest 2nd place candidate patrol. – John Kane, Director, National Ski Patrol, Eastern Division

Presenting the award was John Kane, director of the National Ski Patrol Eastern Division. Kane, along with regional director and Smuggs patroller, Rena Perkins, cited Smugglers’ as providing the vast majority of support for region events despite being the third smallest patrol in the region. Support comes in the form of instructors, trainers/evaluators, and instructor trainers, in both outdoor emergency care and outdoor emergency transport programs. Smugglers’ patrol team also includes the regional director, treasurer, national historian, regional advisor, as well as 14 emergency care and transport instructors and one avalanche instructor. Furthermore, Smugglers’ is the only patrol to see two of it’s team inducted to the National Ski Patrol Hall of Fame.

Other factors in determining the most outstanding patrol are accomplishments the team has received over its fifty-plus years of National Ski Patrol membership. These accomplishments span from individual award recognition to lives directly saved by the patrol. The organization also recognizes Smugglers’ volunteer patrol team for their dedication and direct involvement in supporting their peers to become Most Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol.

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