OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would like you to meet Sheena Petal and her 1 year old daughter Addie.  Four years ago on a very cold day Addie’s parents Sheena and Jay took a Cat Trax Tour to the top of  Madonna Mountain. I was on that Cat Trax Tour with Sheena and Jay. When we got in the heated cabin of the groomer they informed us that they were going to get married on top of the mountain. They had a Justice of the Peace along with them to perform the ceremony. I remember joking with them on the cat ride up the mountain that it was not going to rain on your wedding day. It was a beautiful ceremony and one I will never forget. The funny thing is last night on the Cat Trax Tour  up Madonna Mountain, I was telling the story of Sheena and Jay getting married when it was -25 degrees. Then today I ran into Sheena and Addie in front of Treasures Day Care. I told Sheena that I was just talking about you! Sheena and Jay have been coming to Smuggs ever since getting married here. Sheena and Addie were going to check out Treasures Day Care, so that Mommy and Daddy could go make some turns.  It was wonderful to run into you and Addie today!


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