Stocking Sterling Pond

Aerial view of Sterling Pond.

Sterling Pond has been restocked! A huge thanks to our Mountain Operations Department and Vermont’s Department of Fish and Wildlife for all their hard work.

At 3,000 feet high, Sterling Pond is Vermont’s highest elevation trout pond. Each year, our Operations teams work with Vermont’s Department of Fish and Wildlife to stock the pond with hundreds of Brook Trout. It’s quite the adventure for these little fishies!

The truck arrives with our special guests in tow. From there, bag-lined cans are filled with water. Fish are added to their new (temporary) vessel of transport, and a special shot of oxygen is introduced to calm their nerves. Brook trout are notorious for having a fear of heights, so the more we can do to keep them happy, the better chance they’ll have of loving their new home at the top of Sterling Mountain.

200 Brook Trout are gently put in barrels with fresh water to help them enjoy the lift ride up to their new home.

So, why the chairlift? Well, it’s the smoothest way to bring these little guys to the top without shaking them up too much. 9 minutes in the air and they’ve arrived at their unload station. From here, it’s a short ride on the back of a four-wheeler to the pond, where they are introduced to their new accommodations at the highest trout pond in the state of Vermont.

All aboard!! Fishies enjoying a ride on Sterling Lift to Sterling Pond.

If you haven’t been up to Sterling Pond in the warmer months, it’s a must. Access comes from either the Smugglers’ Notch parking area at the top of Route 108, or by hiking up the ski trails on Sterling. This large body of water sits comfortably above 3000 feet in elevation and has a fun trail running around it called the Elephant’s Head Trail. The scenery is gorgeous and it makes a great place for a picnic or family outing, whether you enjoy fishing or not!

Fishies settling into their new summer home.
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