The Great Groomer Race!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. As you can see, our Groomers are preparing the slopes for your skiing and riding pleasure – 127.71 acres to be precise. They’re not actually racing (that wouldn’t be safe), they’re grooming in tandem. We plan to have 67 trails open today, accessed by 6 Lifts including Madonna I and Morse Highlands. The forecast is morning snow showers, cloudy skies, afternoon snow, and a high of 38 degrees. Sounds like you should race to the slopes to get some runs!

Here they come… down Lower Morse Liftline…
… in the last stretch…
… the winner… by a tiller!
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Rockin' Ron


  1. Based on the snow report and Hugh’s blog which both said that Smugglers Alley would be groomed today I headedthere expe ting a significant improvement over monday’s icy conditions only to find that it had not been touched by the groomer. Not a good job. i can ski th ice just fine but i can imagine some people found themselves in oover their head after making a decision based on your report that it was groomed.

    • Dear Tom,
      I’m sorry for the miscommunication. My one day off is Tuesday. At the end of the day we receive the grooming report of what trails we would like to be groomed for the next day. Those trails are then marked groomed on the trail by trail snow report after 4pm for the next day. The gentleman who fills in for me must have missed that Smugglers’ Alley was not groomed yesterday morning and he left it marked groomed. I am sorry for the inconvenience. We try to give the most accurate and updated report as we can.

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