Updates and Dates


Boy and Girl sittin’ on the Lift. What will they get for gifts? 3 Mountain Outfitters coats to wear? Lake Champlain Chocolates, or Vermont Teddy Bears?

Rockin’ for Hugh for Hugh. February has delivered 40″ of snow to our mountains! A recent freeze-thaw cycle has dropped our trail count from 100%, but the snow is still there. In the words of one of our Smugglers: “it’s Mother Nature’s way of preserving the goods”. Anticipated warmer temps and a little bit o’ snowfall should bring the numbers back up quite quickly. In the meantime, our Groomers are working their cats off!

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! To celebrate, we have some sweetheart deals at 3 Mountain Outfitters (clothing and more), the Perk & Country Store (sweets and treats), and at our Ticket Booths (Lift Ticket specials). Who will you take on a date?

In honor of the Winter Olympics, the Activities Department has come up with daily Winter Games (through February 24th). Fun challenges for the whole family. Go for the GOLD and free HC at the Hot Chocolate Warm Up.

BTW – Hugh took the photos. All I have left to say is #smuggslove.


Roses are red. Intermediate trails are Blue. I love to go skiing at Smuggs with YOU!









3 Mountain Outfitters will keep you warm



Adrienne models hand warmers and gloves from 3MO.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. To paraphrase Hugh “there are no bad conditions, just bad gear.” It is chilly-willy, a tad nippy, and just plain cold today. Patrol is asking folks to cover any exposed skin and watch for frostbite. But, the conditions are pretty good right now, so if you do go out I recommend taking a run, then a Hot Chocolate break, then another run, then a lunch break, etc. It also means you should head to 3 Mountain Outfitters to get hand warmers, gloves, mittens, socks, snow pants, and jackets. We send you warm wishes.


T rex boots

Monsters roam the Earth!!! Actually, it’s just Milton Ski Club having some fun before they hit the slopes.


Tutu Tuesday


The SSU Drill Team – Erik and Rob.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. It’s a sunny morning on the mountain! While delivering the Snow Report around the Village, I saw Erik and Rob setting up the SSU Lesson Meeting Area. Rob is not shy about wearin’ the tutu  whilst shreddin’ the slopes, but do you trust him drillin’ the hill? Elsewhere on my rounds, I chatted with Jeff at 3 Mountain Outfitters Demo Center (coincidentally, it’s Demo Day today), and he quipped “you can tune a ski, but you can’t tuna fish”. I also stopped in to say hi to Harley, the Queen of SSU, who moonlights as Pearl the Purple Pirate Princess. Before the lifts were turnin’, Harley and Sara of Marketing took their first run on Sterling. She shared a morning moon photo taken with a fish-eyed lens… does that make it Lunar Fish?  OK, I gotta go find some better jokes, or go skiin’, or BOTH! 


Morning Moon over Upper Rumrunner.



Suspender’d Animation

Apr 13, Suspender AnimationRockin’ Ron for Hugh. Proving that Smugglers’ Notch Suspenders (aka hold-em-ups) are a fashion statement are Fletch, Peter, and Yours Truly. We also prove that suspenders are not just for old guys, they’re for… um… middle-aged guys too.

These fancy accessories are available at 3 Mountain Outfitters, and they’ll never let you down.