A few more inches of new snow



Groomer on Lower Morse Liftline

We received 21 inches of new snow in the past week and 121 inches this season so far.


Lifts and Trails

Today we have 3 lifts operating; Sterling Lift, Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift, and Sir Henry’s Glider. We have 30 trails open with terrain for all ability levels. 14 trails have been groomed for today, that’s 56 acres of freshly groomed terrain. Surface conditions are packed powder and powder with average base depths of 20 to 50 inches.


Tim having fun in the woods. This photo was taken yesterday and we received another 3 inches of new snow last night!


Last night we made snow on Midway,  Birch Run, Lower Morse Liftline, and Sam’s Run. We are presently making snow on Curley’s Cutback, Sam’s Run, and Dixie’s Knoll.


Currently it is 10 degrees at the summit of Sterling with light snow and winds of 10 to 20 mph. Today’s forecast is calling for a chance of snow showers early with skies becoming sunny later in the day and temperatures between 1o and 22 degrees.


Daybreak Snow Make


Daybreak Snow make

Snowmaking on Sterling Mountain. Viewed from Edwards Road, near ArborTrek on Tue, Dec 11th, 7:30am.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Our Snowmaking Crew is taking advantage of favorable conditions to make snow on the Sterling Mountain trails Black Snake, Birch Run, and Practice Slope. In the accompanying photo, you can see Snowmaking clouds rising along skiers’ right on Practice Slope. Of course the Snowmakers have been working all night, I just witnessed their efforts later in the process early in the morning… you know what mean… I’m just a Ronnie-come-lately.