Faces and Places (but I missed the Races)

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. We are totally lovin’ having 100% of our trails open! Hangman’s Drop dropped off the open list in the morning, but re-opened later in the day, as did Freefall from the top. While taking a run through 3 Mountain Glades, with Seth “Carv-ison” from the Activities Department, I lost my phone. Luckily, with a revisit to a certain tree stump, I found it! By then it was time for lunch at the Black Bear Tavern – cheese fries with veggie chili! Apres food, traversing from Madonna to Sterling, I saw the famous, fur-hatted skier Steve and his buddy John on Drifter. We had a nice chat about local history. I wanted to get photos of the Women’s FIS Race on Black Snake, but one of the racers told me I was too late. Some other faces I saw belonged to Angie, Mike, George, Anne, Rachel, Oliver, Sherm, Molly, and Brandon.

Longtime Passholder, former liftie, and Smuggs fixture Steve and his friend John on Drifter. Face it, John, your hat is not as cool as Steve’s.
A Mount Mansfield Academy FIS Racer.
Seth coming out of Red Fox Glades onto Madonna Liftline.
Festively delivered advice on where to put your Season Pass or Lift Ticket.
Seth on Drifter with me and my shadow.

Mountain Moments

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I’m not always sure what I’m going to write about when I fill in for Hugh (which is an honor, by the way). However, just getting on the Mountain leads me to stories. Here are my mountain moments from today.

I rode the lift with Reg Vance from Ski Patrol. We reminisced about the recently deceased Patroller Mark Archambault, aka Arch, aka Itchy, aka “can’t be printed here.” Reg even played me a message he got from Arch – and there was that raspy, razzing voice. Chills.

Had a break and a bite to eat at the Black Bear. I met and conversed with the Richels from the Toronto, Ontario area. They like the laid-back, noncommercial, and family feel of Smuggs. On my way out, I saw Jammin’ Sam and some Black Bear regulars… can you say trouble? Sam plays guitar and sings at Sunday’s Black Bear Apres Sports Party.

Drifting down Drifter, I chanced upon a couple attempting tandem snowboarding. Now, that’s the definition of #smuggslove. Then I stopped to talk to a father and his young daughter. She was spooked after she caught some unexpected air on Drifter Extension. I found out later that she rallied and even asked dad to ski the glades.

Taking Meadowlark back to the Village, I spied a strange shape. Was it a skiing Lilliputian or Gnome? No, it was Angelina trying to keep up her speed 😛 I will return next week for some more mountain moments. P.S. There’s a photo of Olivia from Atlanta with Mogul Mouse at last week’s Winter Carnival.

Tandem Snowboarding. #smuggslove
Ghost Riders in the Sky,
The Richels from the Toronto, Ontario air-ee-o.
Jammin’ Sam and the gang with a bewildered Kevin in the background.
Gnome-ward bound… Angelina is in an aerodynamic posture.
Olivia from Hot ‘Lanta and her favorite mouse… MOGUL!

Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Snow covered trees on Madonna Liftline. 3 inches of new snow (with a little bit o’ mixed precip) in the past 24 hours, and 11 inches in the past 3 days.
The Black Bear Tavern in the Base Lodge. Some say that each beverage consumed while wearing your ski or snowboard boots equals a run (that’s a lot of hot chocolate). We have Apres Sport Parties here – on Fridays and Sundays Jammin’ Sam plays live, and on Saturdays Goodtime Charlie hosts a Trivia Show

Sunshine. Scenery. Smiles.


Black Bear deck

Lunch on the Black Bear Patio with the Cohens. Barry is a big fan of the Hot Chocolate and Anna and Jade like the Chipotle Tomato soup.

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I spent day 2 skiing with my friends the Cohens from Philadelphia, PA. I met them 15 years ago during their summer week at Smuggs. Then we skied together when they came up the following winter and just about every winter since. We’ve also enjoyed Smuggs events together like the Top of Notch Snowshoe Dinner, Marko’s Magic Shows, and Goodtime Charlie shows. They are proud long-time Smugglers. On my way to meet them I saw another long-time Smuggler, Anna Willis. In the past 8 years, she’s worked in several departments.


Jade is all smiles as she gets ready to ski Smugglers’ Alley and then Poachers Woods.

Jade Poachers 1

Jade is picking her lines in Poachers Woods. This was our trail pick today.


Long-time Smuggler Anna Willis has worked at Treasures Child Care, the Country Store, and now she’s a LIFTIE! Not only that, she’s been skiing and riding here for 15 years (that’s over two thirds of her life).