Add a foot of snow to the photo below

This photo was taken yesterday morning on Doc Dempsey’s Glades. Another 15 inches of snow have fallen since! 21 inches of new snow in the past 2 days, and we’re not done yet. Today’s forecast is calling for periods of snow with another 2 to 4 inches of accumulation possible and a high of 34 degrees at the base and 28 degrees at higher elevations. Today, we plan to have 4 lifts operating: Sterling, Madonna I, Mogul Mouse’s Magic, and Sir Henry’s Glider. We have 73 trails open with terrain for all ability levels. Surface conditions are some the best of the season with powder and packed powder, base depths are 14 to 40 inches. Currently, it is snowing and 22 degrees at the summit of Sterling with winds of 0 to 5 mph.

Photo credit Caleb Kessler