Friends, Family, Falling Snow… FUN!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. They’re friends, they’re family, they’re here, and they’re having fun!! You’d have fun too if you were here after a week that saw 25 inches of new snow and 76 of 78 trails open. From the tippy top of Madonna Mountain to the highlights of Morse Highlands, it was awesome today. BTW – who is Dog Dempsey?

Who you lookin’ at with a face like that?! Jacob, Haylee, Anna, and Barry having fun on Madonna Mtn.
Haylee navigates through the tropics of Bermuda glades.
Anna’s custom skis. Do you recognize that mountain?
What did one snowperson say to the other snowperson? “Do you smell carrots?”

It’s a Family Affair

Rockin’ Ron Hugh. 3 inches of snow in the past 24 hours. Snowmaking on Lower Chilcoot and Mulcahy’s Link. Morse Highlands will re-open tomorrow.

Robert Lefkowitz, aka RoML, has been coming to Smuggs for 30 years! His crew now extends to the 3rd generation!!! While introducing Jacob to the joys of the mountain, we saw granddaughter Violet skiing by with Princess Pam and her SSU Class. RoML is famous for singing Gangham Style at Karaoke… in Korean (which he learned how to do from his son-in-law Adam). The Family has been known to do a choreographed Thriller as well. They are fun to be around and it’s their Family Affair.

Long-time Smugglers Kim, Adam, Kayla, Aubrey, RoML, and first-time Smuggler Jacob.
Kim is HAPPY to be at Smuggs!
Here they come!

Opening Presents & Family Presence

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. There will be snowmaking on Garden Path, Midway, and Meadowlark through Thursday night and we hope to open them like presents on Christmas Day! For tomorrow we plan to have 4 lifts operating, and 23 trails open with 11 of those trails being groomed.

Hugh and I talked about how we are featuring Smuggs Families on the blog this winter. Well, as if by magic, I ran into the Jurnak Family in the Black Bear. Mom Colette, in addition to working here, has been skiing at Smuggs for 33 years. Daughter Megan Jurnak was in Mitey Mites 22 years ago and has been skiing here ever since. Megan worked with our mascots so much, she was known as Megan Mouse! Megan’s fiance, Grant Smith was initiated into the Jurnak Family, and then Smuggs Family, 4 years ago. Dad Mike skis here too but wasn’t here today. It was wonderful to be in this Smuggs family’s presence!

Grant, Megan, and Colette in the Black Bear.
Snow-covered trees on Sterling Mtn.
Learn to turn from our award-winning Snow Sport Univerity Instructors

The Smuggs Family just got bigger



Nashville is in the house!

Pictured on the far left is Chad Aiken. Chad is the son of Rob Aiken from Smuggs Group Vacations. Chad now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Chad convinced a group of his friends to come to Vermont and see all that Smuggs has to offer. They all seem to be having a wonderful time with the amazing conditions and mild temperatures. It was great to see you again Chad and I hope you all have a blast here at Smuggs!



Members of the Smuggs Family

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI would like to meet the Lee Family. They¬†traveled from¬†Toronto to be here. This is their first time at Smugglers’ Notch and they are having a blast. They were all smiles as they got ready to explore all that Smuggs has to offer! They told me that they made some life long memories with their family and they are coming back!



Another member of the Smuggs Family



Jerry at the top of the Village Lift

I would like you to meet Jerry Char. Jerry has been skiing here at Smuggs since 1974. I was lucky enough to ride the Village Lift with Jerry today. We had a great discussion about Smuggs over the years. Jerry was telling me about friends that he has made over the years here at Smuggs that date back to the Crown and Anchor days. I’ve been here a long time but Jerry has me beat.



Family Fun


The Botjer family at the top of the Village lift

Happy Holidays!

Ryan and his brother grew up in Vermont. They have since moved, but they bring their families here to Smuggs to ski and celebrate the holidays. Everyone is all smiles as they get ready to ski over to the upper mountains to have fun on Madonna and Sterling.