Proper Grooming and Dressing

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. While we wait for Mother Nature to deliver some freshies today and later this week, our groomers have been making the most of what we do have. 35 trails totaling 135 acres have been groomed. 7 Lifts, including Madonna I, will be operating, and 48 trails will be open. Today’s forecast is sunny and windy, then snow of 1-3 inches, with highs of 34 degrees at the base and 26 at the summit. Dress appropriately.

Getting the bare facts from Billy Bob Bear – University of Vermont (UVM) Students, aka Groovy UV’s, dressed for spring skiing a month early! They were taking advantage of their Presidents Day break.
“Long Island” Rick and his daughters Maya and Sasha at the Friendly Pirate’s Raingutter Regatta. Rick and his family have been coming to Smuggs for 10 years! He is one of Hugh’s and Hugh’s View’s biggest fans.

Your Morning Update

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Snowmaking on Upper Chilcoot and Waterfall is in progress, which could lead to some good news later this week – stay tuned. Meanwhile, Groomers have been putting the tillers to 21 trails. We’ve received 9 inches of snow in the past 6 days.

While heading to the Perk in the Country Store for my usual Maple Latte with oat milk, I saw the Senior VP and head of Mtn. Ops Mark Delaney grooming the Tubing Hill. He shared the latest mountain news with me. I also saw former Snow Sport University snowboard instructors, and now Patrollers, Alissa and Rob. They were getting ready for Milk Run from the Village Lift. Milk Run is the first run down the mountain, and it’s not with oat milk. Speaking of beverages, Labatts is the beer special this weekend for the Apres Sports Parties in Bootleggers’ and the Black Bear Tavern.

Anywho, looks like a sunny day is ahead, with temps from the high teens to the low thirties, and gentle winds. Sounds like a great time to hit the slopes – ski U later.

Mark Delaney is at the wheel grooming the Tubing Hill for tonight’s tubing FUN!
Alissa and Rob – Snowboarding Patrollers – yes, they do exist!

The Great Groomer Race!

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. As you can see, our Groomers are preparing the slopes for your skiing and riding pleasure – 127.71 acres to be precise. They’re not actually racing (that wouldn’t be safe), they’re grooming in tandem. We plan to have 67 trails open today, accessed by 6 Lifts including Madonna I and Morse Highlands. The forecast is morning snow showers, cloudy skies, afternoon snow, and a high of 38 degrees. Sounds like you should race to the slopes to get some runs!

Here they come… down Lower Morse Liftline…
… in the last stretch…
… the winner… by a tiller!

Mountains of adventure and mountains of fun

Last night we made snow on Meadowlark, the Practice Slope, Lower Morse Liftline, Sir Henry’s Learning, and the base area of the Village Lift. We continued making snow on Sir Henry’s Learning Hill this morning to take advantage of the colder temperatures. Our groomers smoothed out the snowmaking whales and Sir Henry’s was open this afternoon. The weather is going to be a little wild tonight and tomorrow. Tonight’s forecast is calling for snow, freezing rain, and sleet before midnight then turning to rain after 1 am. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for cloudy skies with rain before noon and a high of 57 degrees. Temperatures fall tomorrow night and stay colder for the near future with snow in the forecast for Saturday. Tomorrow we plan to have 3 lifts operating; Sterling Lift, Sir Henry’s Glider, and Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift open to mid-station. We have 10 trails open with terrain for all ability levels. 9 out of the 10 trails will be groomed for tomorrow, that’s a grand total of 28 acres of freshly groomed terrain. Surface conditions are machine groomed and loose granular with average base depths of 6 to 32 inches.

Sterling Pond with Mount Mansfield in the background
Howie’s Wanderer

150 Acres Groomed

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. Arlo and the Grooming Crew always have something to do, but 150 acres is a lot of terrain – thanks, guys! For today we plan to have top to bottom skiing and riding on all 3 mountains with 5 lifts operating including Madonna I. The forecast is sunny, blustery, then partly sunny with a high of 26 degrees. See you on the slopes.

Lower Morse Liftline gets the grooming treatment.
Corduroy. It could have been taken any day, but I swear it was today, right outside the Snow Report Office.

I called an Uber…

Rockin’ Ron for Hugh. I called an Uber but a Groomer showed up instead. Makes sense, the groomed trails will be the best ride, at least until conditions soften up. Sterling Lift is closed for mechanical repairs but we hope to have it operating tomorrow. For today, we’ll have 5 lifts including Madonna I, and 29 trails open.

UPDATE: Parking Lot 1 is closed because there is no way to ski back to it from the Madonna trails.

Hey Buddy, can I get a lift?
Sunny and windy today.

Thank you groomers

While we sleep and dream about another great day of skiing and riding, there are groomers out on the hill. In fact, we have two shifts of groomers each night. The first shift starts once all the skiers and riders are off the mountain. They are usually working on the Upper Mountains and work until around midnight. The second shift then takes over and they are usually working on Morse Mountain. Morse Mountain is done last that way when we get new snow the groomers can provide some beautiful corduroy on the beginner trails for our skiers and riders. I don’t ski or ride in jeans, but I sure do love corduroy!

Today we plan to have 5 lifts operating, Madonna I, Madonna II, Village, Mogul Mouse’s Magic, and Sir Henry’s Glider. The Sterling Lift will be closed for a few days for a mechanical repair. We have 67 skiable trails and 44 lift-accessible trails open tomorrow. 28 trails have been groomed for today, including, Ruthie’s, Drifter, Gary B’s, Snow Snake, Curley’s Cutback, and Treasure Run for a grand total of 114 acres of freshly groomed terrain. Surface conditions are machine groomed and packed powder with average base depths of 16 to 50 inches. Currently, it is cloudy and 20 degrees at the summit of Madonna with winds of 5 to 15 mph. Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for cloudy skies, a chance of snow, and or mix with a high of 37 degrees. If you park in Parking Lot 1 you can ski or ride back to your vehicle by taking Shuttle, Crossover, Treasure Run, Lower Exhibition, and the Practice Slope.

Sterling Mountain is open during the day to uphill traffic. Please use Parking Lot 1, Practice Slope, old rope tow line, and Black Snake to ascend. There will be downhill traffic on Lower Rumrunner, Treasure Run, and Lower Exhibition.

Employees can ski or ride today.

Groomer Richard Guyette says the slopes are ready for skiing and riding!
Richard on Lower Morse Liftline