Ladies only

This is just so cool! Today the Sterling Lift crew is all females! I’ve been here at Smuggs for a few years and I can’t recall seeing this before. Ladies thank you for letting me take your picture and of course for being who you are!

Lift Operator Ellen
Host / Ticket Checker Deidre
Lift Attendant Holly
Lift Attendant Anna

Fun on Morse Mountain

High five from the Lift Attendant at mid-station of the Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift
Snow Sport University Snowboard Instructor Christina on Garden Path

Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift is designed for kids. The chair height when loading and unloading is lower to make it easier for the kids. The lift also operates at a slower speed to give the kids more time when loading. It is made for kids, but can be used by adults also. It is great for beginners of any age. The slower speed allows more time to prepare for loading the chair. The unload ramp at mid-station and at the top are small, which also makes unloading easier. The unload ramp on the Village Lift is a little bigger, so if it is your first time going to the top of Morse you might want to use Mogul Mouse’s Magic Lift. The photo at the top of this post shows a high five. The Lift Attendants give high fives to the kids who are going by mid-station and are headed to the top. It is a wonderful gesture by the lift attendants to acknowledge that the students have graduated to the summit of Morse.