Announcement: Courses Closed to the Public Next Week

Due to the large amount of players arriving to compete in Discraft’s Green Mountain Championship and the Pro Tour Championship next week, the courses will be closed to the public from Tuesday, September 13th to Saturday, September 17th. There will be limited tee times available on Sunday, September 18th for spectator rounds only on Brewster Ridge. We will be back to our regular schedule starting Monday, September 19th. Thanks!



Special Edition GMC Shift from Upper Park Designs Released

We are excited to announce sales of our limited edition Upper Park Shift! So many thanks to Upper Park Designs for working with us to create this amazing bundle! Not only do you get a sweet commemorative stamp Discraft Buzz (select your color and weight) but you get entered into a raffle for a 7 night RCI vacation! There are only 250 bags for sale, so you’ve got decent odds at winning a sweet trip if you buy one before they are gone! Click Here for more info!



GMC Discs!

We are excited to announce that we have beautiful fundraiser discs on sale now for the 2016 GMC:


Buy one today at the Brewster Ridge Pro Shop! Not in VT, stay tuned for more information about purchasing online!


2016 League Info & Membership Days!

Throughout the 2016 season, we are excited to get our members together to play some disc golf on regular basis! Monday singles league and Thursday doubles nights! We are also announcing the first of 3 membership days that will involve a few hours of course clean up and projects, as well as a members-only BBQ and group round.

IMG_3787Time to start the season right! Come out for group play nights!

Monday Night Brewster League: Starting Monday June 6th! Playing RAIN OR SHINE!!!

  • Every Monday at 5:30pm. We will adjust when we start losing light to 5:00pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get set up.
  • Choose to compete in league (league fees apply, and chance to win) or don’t compete and play a fun group round (no league fees)
  • Play from your most appropriate tee (red, white, blue, or gold).
    • If you throw below (-5) you must move back a tee the following week if you are competing.
    • You will be competing only against those who play from your tee.
  • $5 greens fee, $5 league fees (red, white), $10 league fees (blue, gold)
    • Members do not pay greens fees
    • Top 40% of each “color” division paid out.
    • Red, white, and blue paid out in Brewster Ridge gift certs
    • Gold Paid out in cash
    • All $ paid out each week!

Thursday Night Dubs: Starting Thursday, June 9th! Playing RAIN OR SHINE!!!

  • Every Monday at 5:30pm. We will adjust when we start losing light to 5:00pm. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get set up.

Each Thursday we will get together to play in some type of team format. We will alternate between random and “bring-your-own” partner. This Thursday (June 9th) will be bring your own partner. If you don’t have a partner you will be grouped up with someone! We may play Triples some nights. We will alternate between “best shot”, “alternate shot”, and maybe even some “worst shot” layouts! Come on out!



Season Standings & Club Championship

This applies to the Brewster Singles League only:

Each night will stand on its own and all money will be paid out within each division. However, we will keep track of season standings but they will be based on overall score, regardless of division. Therefore, even if you play a different tee than someone else, you may be the overall winner of the night.

  • We will keep track of league standings based on points given out similar to the GMPS. First place will get 100 points. The points for second, third and on are based on how many people there are each night. If there are only two people, second place will get 50 points, three people (2nd – 66.67, 3rd – 33.33), 4 people (2nd – 75, 3rd – 50, 4th – 25), etc. Your total score for the season will be based on your best 6 scores. End of season standing tie-breakers will be decided by who threw from the further tee.
  • League will run on every Monday until the GMC. No league Labor Day. Last league night September 12th.
  • The Club Championship will then start and it will be match play!
  • Each of the top 14 seeds qualify. Here is the layout. Single elimination. You will compete against player’s from the tees you ended the season playing (i.e. if you moved back from white to blue during the season, you will compete from blue in the match play rounds). Here is the format:
  • BR Match Play Format
  • Top 5 in the season standings will get prizes, and the top 3 in the Match Play Championship will get prizes!

Membership Day #1Sunday, June 5th Cancelled due to 100% chance of rain 🙁 Rescheduled tentatively for June 18th.

  • We will reschedule this as soon as we have a nice day with no conflicting events!
  • Come out and group up for a 10am work session. We will be going out to beautify the course and have select few projects to work on. 2 hours of team clean up will go a long way!
  • At 12:30, a BBQ lunch will be served of hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and BYOB. Raffle of some prizes for those who helped work on the course!
  • At 1:30pm well go out to play some form of doubles!