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Hiking Trail Etiquette

Please be respectful of your fellow hikers and our natural environment.

Pack it in, pack it out... Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

Stay on the Trail... You may be on private land - treat it with respect. Avoid short cuts which may cause unnecessary soil erosion.

Enjoy the Wildflowers...Please do not pick them. Many are protected by state law.

Trailhead Parking... Use parking area or roadside turnouts when possible. Do not block any roadway or driveway.

Leave pets at home... Pets are likely to encounter their own trail problems.

Wildlife Viewing...

 • Wildlife is most active in the early morning or early evening.
 • Wear natural or muted colored clothing and unscented soaps and lotions.
 • Use binoculars for close up viewing and identification.
 • Be quiet. Whisper when you speak. Wildlife scares easily around loud noises.
 • Stand behind the trees to observe.
 • Stop, look and listen often. Be patient while animals enter and leave an area.
 • Keep your distance. Getting too close, feeding or chasing wildlife can be unsafe.
 • Leave your pets at home. They may startle, chase or even kill wildlife.
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