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Owner Rewards Tracking

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View the Owner Rewards that have been posted to your account!

Thank you for sending your referrals. The information presented here is a LIVE view of our Hospitality System with a summary of the Rewards you have earned!

Rewards are earned when you refer the names of new families, when your referrals participate in an Ownership Presentation, or when they become Smugglers' Owners. Rewards are issued one-time for each family name, tour and purchase. Referrals that you have previously submitted will receive our current referral offer and will qualify for additional rewards when they tour or become Owners!

Best of all, your rewards balance will be held on account for easy access no more keeping track of paper coupons! Rewards may be redeemed for resort purchases charged to your room and as always your Ownership Fees! Your Rewards account is updated on a weekly basis. You will receive an email notice each time new rewards are posted to your account.

We are happy to update your referrals anytime or add new names to make sure that your friends have the opportunity to participate in this program and that you have received the appropriate Rewards.

If you have questions on these rewards, please contact Owner Services via email at ownersrv@smuggs.com or Call Us at 1-800-354-7884 , Option 2.

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